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By Nicole Spears

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In this article, Tour Leaders Peru will explain Why Is Rainbow Mountain in Peru Colorful?, where is located, and Elevation, please continue reading if you are interested in the Rainbow Mountain of China.

When everyone is traveling through the Cordillera of the Andes mainly in Peru Country. Near the south of Cusco, travelers enter through varied landscapes with great energy attracted by the mountains.

From the southern valley of Cusco to the heights of Cusipata village. The paths that run are mountain ranges and different villages. Behind the snow cape of Ausangate is one of the most beautiful known since 2015 as the rainbow mountain. One of the most photographed by tourists from different parts of the world.

Red Valley Cusco Peru
Vinicunca original name or this colored strata mountain

Rainbow Mountain Location

Vinicunca is the Local name or Cerro de Colorado in Spanish. is a mountain chain that borders the red valley and the Cusipata valley, a Quechua village located 10 km from the city of Cusco.

This hill is named for its peculiar rainbow colors that are reflected very early, with the first rays of the sun, and that is appreciated in the great pictures mountain of Vinicunca and that varies from shades orange, gray, red oxide to violet. This natural rainbow is the product of a complex geological history that includes marine, lake and river sediments raised by tectonic movements.

Morphology and How Did Rainbow Mountain Get Its Colors?

It has large geomorphological units and materials from continental and marine environments ranging from the Precambrian (more than 600 million years ago) to the most recent deposits of the Quaternary.

Earthy brown color: fanglomerate composed of rock with manganese belonging to the Quaternary. Age: 1 to 2 million years.
Red color: composed of clays (iron) and clays belonging to the upper Tertiary. Age: 3 to 4 million years.
Green color: composed of Filitas substance, copper oxide slates. Age: 600 million years.
Pink color: composed of red clay, Fangolitas Substance (mud) and Arilites Substance (sand). Estimated age: 3 to 4 million years.
White color: limestone or limestone, white quality. Age: 400 million years.
Brown, brown and purple colors: Composed of lead and burning marshes, rich in calcium carbonate. Age: 80 to 90 million years.
Mustard yellow color: limestone with sulfur. Age: 80 to 90 million years.

Colorful Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain Tours and Distance

From Cusco, there are Rainbow mountain tours every day, which is a circuit that takes about one day. The walking distance from the beginning of the hike until the top including the Red Valley is about 6 hour’s walk. To appreciate in all its splendor the seven colors mountain You’ll have to arrive early and wait for the first rays of the sun reflected in the multicolored Andean mountain range, from the Cusipata village.


Challenge yourself and get a great payoff on this 16-hour day trip to Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca Mountain) from Cusco.
This little-known spot in Peru is not only a must-see because of its naturally colorful mountains, but it’s the perfect location to take trip pics.
Go on an exciting 3- to 4-hour hike to make your way to where the mountains are.
Plus, enjoy breakfast, snacks, lunch, and round-trip transport on this trip.
16-hour day trip to Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca Mountain) from Cusco Small-group tour limited to 8 people ensures a personalized experience with your guide.
Go on a 3- to 4-hour hike until you reach 16,500 feet (5029 meters) above sea level Spend time admiring the beautiful mountains, well known for their colorfully lined landscape.
Enjoy breakfast, snacks, and lunch.
On this day trip, Cusco hotel pickup and drop-off is included

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