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Amazon Manu Tours

These experiences are best for tours in Manu National Park Amazon Peru.

Manu Rainforest Tours

Tambopata, Palotoa Rain Fores Day Excurtions

See all our Amazon Manu Tours and enjoy the Peruvian jungle in the best way.
Manu National Park is located in the Madre de Dios region, about 8 hours by bus from the city of Cusco A flight from Lima to CUSCO takes only 1 hour, and tours in Manu last about a week.
The main tours consist of animal watching, jungle tours for bird watching, some adventure activities and in general seeing the deep forest and sleeping a couple of nights there will give us a great experience.

Our recommended tour goes through Manu Park, visiting different attractions: The Cloud Forest, the Macaw Clay Lick (you can see parrots and macaws in their natural habitat), and a visit an indigenous Amazonian community for cultural exchange.

You’ll also have the chance to do some ecological activities like canoeing, hiking, and even night walks.

All of this will be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide, who will be able to give you interesting information about the area and its wildlife.

Our also includes transportation with an experienced driver and a quality meal plan during your journey. We have several options for lodging, from camping in the jungle to comfortable cabins at eco-lodges.

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Amazon Manu Tours
Manu National Park | Amazon Tour Peru 4D/3N
Manu National Park, located in southeastern Peru, is one of the largest parks in South America. The area of the park encompasses parts of the Andean department of Cusco and the jungle department of Madre de Dios.

Group Stats From: 2 Pax

Recommended Moth: May – December

Amazon Peru Tours
Manu National Park | Eco Tour Peru 6D/5N
Manu National Park tours, Journey into the Manu National Park | Eco Tour Peru. Amazon Is the first destination, For biologists, Nature lovers, and bird watchers. The Manu National Park has been protected since 1973 and boasts the most Iconic Animals Trom Amazon Jungle. Such as Caimans, Monkeys, Giant River Otters, Jaguars, Quetzals, and uncountable species of flora and fauna in the Peruvian Amazon.

Group stars From: 2 pax

Recommended Months: May – December

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Travel to the lost city of Machu Picchu with this guide, which includes information on how you can book your place in 2021. You’ll also find tips for traveling there comfortably and safely as well as altitude sickness treatment options if needed!

This post has everything that one needs before embarking upon their journey: documentation updates including traveler’s insurance policies; packing lists tailored specifically towards Peru travel destinations (Machupicchu included!); recommendations regarding what medications might affect someone taking them while they’re visiting our country – Peru!.


Things to Do in Cusco

Small and easy to navigate, the city of Cusco is a destination for adventurers. It’s jam-packed with a fascinating history of the Inca Empire and Spanish conquest that has been amazingly well preserved and restored.

When to visit?

The summer is the best time to visit for the climate, which also makes it peak tourist season. To avoid the crowds, early fall could be nice. Anytime after November and before April, however, is not recommended—Cusco’s rainy season could ruin your sightseeing.

How to get there?

Fly into Cusco’s Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, located in Cusco.

Should I Worry About Elevation?

It is advised to spend at least 3 days in Cusco to acclimate to the high elevation before heading out on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, especially if arriving from sea level.

How many days to visit Cusco?

Are you Planning to Visit Cusco City? Give yourself at least five days for a trip to Cusco the first couple to adjust to the elevation and navigate the city, the last few to make it to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

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