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Your Peru Travel Packages with Machu Picchu encompasses all of Peru. We can customize your itinerary so that you can visit the main sites of Peru. There are so many attractions within Peru it is hard to decide which ones interest you the most.

With a Peru package, you have the power to modify your itinerary so that it fits exactly your travel taste. If you are already in Peru, we recommend you make the most out of your trip. That is why we highly recommend you purchase a Peru Travel Package.


Peru offers travelers and vacation goers an extraordinary array of experiences ranging from historical sites to geographical locations, and delicious cuisines. Located within South America’s beautiful west coast, the country is rich in ancient cultural histories, manmade wonders, and natural attractions that attract people from all over the world.

Being home to the ancient Inca civilization and having one of the best landscapes in the world, travelers are always on the lookout for the best Peru Travel Packages. Tour Leaders Peru, a premier world-class travel and ecotourism agency in Peru, provides Peru tour packages, experiences, and magical places – all in one service – for travelers who dream of visiting Peru for an exciting tourism experience.

Vacation Packages are also combined Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu
There are numerous Peru travel, tours, and vacation packages ranging from the adventure-filled Inca Trail to Machu Picchu down to the enigmatic Machu Picchu 7 Day Tour Package, the Cusco Tours, Lima Tours, Amazon Tours Peru, and many others.

At Tour Leaders Peru, we tailor all our travel, tour, and vacation packages to your unique requirements. We allow you to book our customizable multi-city trips and tours in a few seconds.


Lima, Nazca Lines, Machu Picchu, Titicaca Lake

Peru is a land that is full of mystery and wonder. From the ancient Incan ruins to the bustling city streets, there is something for everyone in this beautiful country. If you are looking for an exotic travel destination where you can experience new cultures and stunning landscapes, Peru should be at the top of your list. With its rich history and diverse landscape, a trip to Peru is sure to be unforgettable. Whether you are interested in ancient civilizations or outdoor adventure, Peru has something to offer everyone who visits. Check out our overview of the best package tours available in Peru, so you can start planning your perfect vacation today!


7 Day Lares Trek Peru Package

Lares Trek 4 Days + 2 Days Short Tours is an amazing opportunity to explore the beautiful highlands of Peru and Machu Picchu. This 7-day Packages trekking tour provides a unique, All-Inclusive Peru Tour Package experience while offering excellent value. Highlights of this tour include visits to ancient archaeological sites, gorgeous mountain scenery, and – of course – a chance to visit the world-famous Machu Picchu ruins. What’s more, our experienced guides ensure that every detail is taken care of so that you can simply relax and enjoy this unforgettable adventure!



Are you looking for an amazing photography expedition to Peru? If so, we have the perfect package for you! With 13 days in some of the most beautiful and photogenic locations in the country, this is a perfect opportunity for any photographer or outdoor enthusiast. You’ll get to see the iconic Nazca Lines, explore the Amazon rainforest, and hike the Inca Trail – all while enjoying first-class luxury resorts and cruising along the stunning Peruvian coastline. What could be better than that? Contact us today to learn more about this amazing package!


Yoga Retreat Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu 8-10 Days

Are you looking for an unforgettable yoga retreat experience? Look no further than Peru! Our 8-12 day yoga retreats in the Sacred Valley of Peru will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and inspired. From Machu Picchu to breathtaking landscapes, this is a trip you will never forget. Join us for an exploration of luxury resorts, indigenous culture, and stunning nature – all while practicing yoga with some of the best teachers in the world. Come see why Peru is one of the most sought-after destinations for yoga retreats!



Chinchero Nature Walk with Llamas & Alpacas

Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas. You could just get a Hotel in Cusco on your next trip to Peru, or you could rent an Airbnb in Chinchero native Quechua Village and get your Chichero tour package that will give you the experience of a lifetime. When you usually go on a vacation, you are there to see sights. You want to see the beauty of the place to where you have traveled. Unfortunately, that’s sightseeing, not a vacation.

A vacation should be more than about what you see; it should be about having an experience. At Chinchero Village, you will get a memorable experience that will cause people to be jealous of your vacation Tour in Peru.


How would you like a custom vacation built around your loved ones? Let our Travel Designers help. Whether for families or groups, honeymoons, or solo trips – we have the experiences that will change lives!

If you’re looking for an amazing photography expedition, consider traveling to Peru. With diverse landscapes and rich culture, there are endless photo opportunities. And, best of all, there are many luxury resorts and cruise options to choose from. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure-filled exploration of ancient ruins, Peru has something for everyone. Here is a quick overview of the best Peru packages available.


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Things to Do in Cusco

Small and easy to navigate, the city of Cusco is a destination for adventurers. It’s jam-packed with a fascinating history of the Inca Empire and Spanish conquest that has been amazingly well preserved and restored.

When to visit?

The summer is the best time to visit for the climate, which also makes it peak tourist season. To avoid the crowds, early fall could be nice. Anytime after November and before April, however, is not recommended—Cusco’s rainy season could ruin your sightseeing.

How to get there?

Fly into Cusco’s Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, located in Cusco.

Should I Worry About Elevation?

It is advised to spend at least 3 days in Cusco to acclimate to the high elevation before heading out on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, especially if arriving from sea level.

How many days to visit Cusco?

Are you Planning to Visit Cusco City?
Give yourself at least five days for a trip to Cusco the first couple to adjust to the elevation and navigate the city, the last few to make it to the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.
Umantay Lake

1D Umantay Lake FULL DAY

The Humantay Lake is a hidden treasure in the Inca Trail and this full-day guided tour will show you everything there is to see. The hike alone can be challenging but with all of your travel included on arrival, plus breakfast and lunch as well—it's impossible not to have an amazing time!

1D Train Tour


Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's been attracting visitors since it was first discovered by the Spanish over 500 years ago. If you want an authentic experience, book your Train ticket in advance and choose between economical trains or modern coaches; either way, there will be nothing else like this train journey again!


1 Day Palcoyo Rainbow Mountain

Palcoyo is an easier hike than the original rainbow mountain. Instead of one colored mountain in Vinicunca, you will see up to 5 different colors when on Palcoyo tour! You don't have to wake up at 3 am for this attraction like most other tourists do; instead, we go during off-peak times so it's less crowded too 🙂

Machu Picchu Train Tours

2 Day Machu Picchu By Train PRICE $499



PRICE: From $499

SERVICE: All Inclusive

3 Days Machu Picchu by Train

3 DAY TOUR Machu Picchu by Train.



PRICE: $799

SERVICE: All Inclusive


Another of the alternative routes that we can do in just one day is the so-called 7 LAGUNAS FULL DAY, in which it is mystical tourism and contact with nature at the foot of our snowy AUSANGATE (6374m), where we can also enjoy a lot of variety of flora and fauna. A route dedicated to nature lovers.


Planning a dream vacation isn’t easy. Every day, travelers spend countless hours researching world Travel destinations, reading reviews, and vetting hotels and tour operators to ensure a trip will go as smoothly as possible.

Tour leaders Peru is here to help you through the travel planning process and to make it as seamless and easy as possible. Our experienced team of advisors utilizes our personal relationships with our world travel partners to maximize the value our clients gain from planning with us. We will work with you to design an itinerary based on your desired experiences, expectations, and budget. <strong>Schedule your appointment today to set up your consultation!


Looking for a place to call home? Welcome aboard! There’s no better way of finding that perfect getaway than with what we have right here. We offer luxurious travel and unforgettable experiences so you can make your dreams come true any time, anywhere on earth – all in the comfort of BLISSFUL TRAVEL ESCAPES
We are more than just a Travel Agency; our goal is to ensure each customer has their own personal assistant when booking All-inclusive trips making sure they’re always taken care of while traveling through international airports as well as giving tips about local cuisine or tourist attractions near where it will be arriving from abroad before landing back into your country after 24 hours away (or less!) Our experienced staff


Travel to the lost city of Machu Picchu with this guide, which includes information on how you can book your place in 2021. You’ll also find tips for traveling there comfortably and safely as well as altitude sickness treatment options if needed!

This post has everything that one needs before embarking upon their journey: documentation updates including traveler’s insurance policies; packing lists tailored specifically towards Peru travel destinations (Machupicchu included!); recommendations regarding what medications might affect someone taking them while they’re visiting our country – Peru!.

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