The USA National Parks & Amazing Travel Destinations

Wondering how many national parks in the U.S. there are? From Yellowstone National Park to Zion National Park, here’s the official list.

Discovering Nature’s Majesty: A Journey Through the USA National Parks

“We welcome you to The United States National Park List “Unveil Endless Horizons with the Best Travel Leader!”

Welcome, nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, to a virtual expedition through the unparalleled beauty of the USA National Parks! As we embark on this awe-inspiring journey, we’ll delve into the heart of America’s most breathtaking landscapes, where rugged mountains, pristine lakes, and diverse ecosystems come together to create a tapestry of natural wonders.

From the iconic Yellowstone to the serene Acadia, each national park holds a unique charm waiting to be explored.

In this blog post, we’ll unravel the secrets of these protected sanctuaries, exploring the rich biodiversity, geological marvels, and cultural significance that define the USA National Parks. As we venture into the vast expanse of these natural treasures, we’ll also highlight key keywords associated with these exceptional sites – from hiking trails and wildlife encounters to preservation efforts and sustainable tourism.

Join us on this digital odyssey as we celebrate the beauty, biodiversity, and boundless adventure that the USA National Parks offer to every nature enthusiast.

Get ready to be inspired, as we dive into the heart of America’s untamed wilderness!

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How many national parks are in USA
There are a total of 63 national parks spread across thirty states and two U.S. territories. California boasts the highest number with nine, followed by Alaska with eight, Utah with five, and Colorado with four. The most recent addition to the list is New River Gorge National Park, established in December.





USA National Parks



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Best Destinations

Best Destinations USA

Glacier National Park USA

#1 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Glaciers steal the spotlight in this captivating Montana National Park, but wait till you see its extensive collection of over 700 lakes, two majestic mountain ranges, and a cascade of breathtaking waterfalls. Brace yourself for an adventure-packed visit as hiking takes the crown for visitor favorites.

With a range of trails to suit everyone, from beginners to daring explorers—Rocky Point for laid-back strolls or Grinnell Glacier and the Highline Trail for the more audacious. And don’t miss out on the unforgettable marvel of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, open from late June through October. Get ready to be awestruck at every turn!

Moreover, this location offers ideal opportunities for summer activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and fishing, while winter brings the delight of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Additionally, it is not uncommon to encounter magnificent wildlife like moose, bears, and elk in this area.

maui hawaii


#2 in the Best Destination to Visit in the USA

Experience the bliss of Maui’s idyllic beaches and lush parks, where relaxation awaits at every turn. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you embark on a scenic journey along the captivating Road to Hana, soar above the captivating Hawaiian island during an exhilarating helicopter tour, or simply unwind on the captivating black sands of Wai’anapanapa State Park. For those seeking a refreshing dip, dive into a world of underwater wonders with an exciting snorkeling tour.

For an indelible experience, reserve a spot to witness the breathtaking sunrise at Haleakala National Park, which boasts Maui’s highest peak. Indulging in Maui’s exquisite seafood is an absolute must, but be sure not to overlook other island delicacies such as haupia, a lusciously creamy coconut custard.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

#3 in Best Destination to Visit in the

Embark on a journey to behold awe-inspiring vistas that showcase the true beauty of America. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled adventure by planning a trip to the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park. A must-have experience for wanderers seeking to cross off a top item on their travel bucket list, this iconic Arizona park will gift you with breathtaking hiking trails, including the mesmerizing Bright Angel and North Kaibab trails.

Flowing through the sprawling 277-mile-long canyon, the Colorado River entices adventure seekers with exhilarating whitewater rafting. However, for an unparalleled experience of a lifetime, behold this awe-inspiring natural marvel from the vantage point of a helicopter tour. No matter your preferred way of immersing yourself in the wonders of the Grand Canyon, its majestic rock formations and expansive vistas will undeniably leave you humbled by their sheer grandeur.

Honolulu Hawaii

Honolulu – Oahu

#4 in Best Destiantions to Visit in the USA

Oahu offers a delightful blend of urban excitement and pristine beach settings. With its consistently pleasant weather throughout the year, there’s never a bad time to experience the enchanting beauty of this Hawaiian paradise. While you simply can’t miss the captivating Waikiki Beach, be prepared for the possibility of encountering a bustling crowd of tourists.

For a more spacious experience, consider visiting quieter alternatives such as Waimanalo Bay Beach Park and Kalama Park. Before you depart, be sure to set aside some time to explore the notable naval attractions in Honolulu, including the Pearl Harbor National Memorial and the Battleship Missouri Memorial.


Yellowstone Best National Park in The United States

#5 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

America’s first national park provides more than 900 miles of hiking trails, as well as plenty of attractions to excite nature lovers, from steaming geysers to bubbling hot springs. Plus, animal fans will appreciate a visit to the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center to learn about local wildlife. If you’d rather look for wild critters inside the park – which occupies parts of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho – spend a few hours driving through the Hayden and Lamar valleys. Both areas are considered popular havens for Yellowstone National Park’s resident bison, wolves and grizzly bears

Zion National P

USA Zion National Park

#6 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

Utah’s Zion National Park offers breathtaking panoramas at every turn. To enjoy the most stunning vistas, venture along the Angels Landing trail, renowned for its exhilarating heights and invigorating switchbacks.

Pro Tip: Permits are required to hike Angels Landing and are awarded through an online lottery system.

If you’re planning to hike during peak season, it’s advised to apply several months in advance. There are other popular alternatives as well, such as the easy Pa’rus Trail and the more challenging Narrows. The Narrows takes hikers through the narrowest part of Zion Canyon, with the possibility of wading through waters that, depending on the season, may rise as high as your chest.



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Best Travel Destinations in One Site

Yosemite National Park Valley

Yosemite National Park

#7 in Best Places to Visit in the USA for 2023

Embrace the splendor of nature with a remarkable getaway at California’s Yosemite National Park. Explore renowned treasures like the majestic Half Dome and breathtaking Glacier Point. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature as you venture along scenic routes like Cathedral Lakes, the Mist Trail, and other beloved pathways. It’s an extraordinary experience that will leave you in awe.

While visiting Yosemite, be sure to dedicate some time to marvel at its abundant waterfalls. Among them, Yosemite Falls stands tall as one of the world’s tallest cascades. During certain points in the winter, witness the captivating “Firefall” effect of Horsetail Fall. And don’t miss the chance to explore Mariposa Grove, a sanctuary boasting over 500 colossal sequoia trees. Embrace the grandeur of nature in Yosemite!

Grand Teton

Grand Teton National Park

#8 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Nestled within Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, the majestic Teton Mountains stand tall, their snow-capped peaks contrasting with the serene Snake River and the picturesque Jackson and Jenny lakes. Lush wildflower fields and enchanting swamps add to the park’s diverse beauty. While many visitors opt for a scenic trek to captivating spots like Inspiration Point and Phelps Lake Overlook, those seeking a more leisurely experience can explore the region by car or boat, soaking in the breathtaking vistas without exerting much energy.

While taking in the breathtaking vistas, it’s important not to lose sight of the splendid wildlife that shares this park’s home. Moose, elk, bears, and bison often grace visitors with their presence, wandering near in occasional curiosity. Another advantage of this park is its close proximity to the charming and rustic mountain town of Jackson Hole.

Olympic National Park USA TRAVEL

Olympic National Park

#9 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Span nearly 1 million acres of pristine land, Olympic National Park awaits with boundless adventure and breathtaking natural beauty. Explorers can immerse themselves in the lush wonders of the Hoh Rain Forest, traverse the scenic allure of Hurricane Ridge, or bask in the picture-perfect charm of Lake Crescent. Boating, camping, and hiking along the myriad of trails offer unparalleled opportunities to create unforgettable memories.

Moreover, owing to minimal light pollution, Olympic National Park stands as one of the finest stargazing locations in the United States. Plan your visit during summer to fully capitalize on the park’s complimentary astronomy programs. This season also offers low precipitation rates and pleasant average daily temperatures hovering around the mid-70s.

Kuai Hawaii


#10 in Best Places to Visit in the USA

Known as the Garden Island, Kaua’i distinguishes itself from other Hawaiian Islands through its breathtaking natural beauty. Aiming to accentuate this aspect, Kaua’i imposes a strict height restriction on all buildings, ensuring that none surpass the majestic coconut palm. This thoughtful measure allows both locals and visitors to relish the exceptional vistas offered by the island’s pristine beaches.

Explorers can also uncover verdant havens such as Koke’e State Park and Wailua River State Park as they journey inland. Kaua’i’s remote location and plethora of upscale resorts contribute to its reputation as a destination with a hefty price tag. Plan accordingly by reserving your flights and accommodations well ahead of time.

Tahoe Lake

Lake Tahoe

#11 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

With its crystal-clear water, Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, entices active travelers throughout the year. Winter draws scores of skiers and snowboarders to the slopes of numerous resorts, while summer offers the perfect opportunity for hikes, scenic drives, and exhilarating kayaking and boating adventures. Golf enthusiasts can also indulge in local courses to master their game.

For a unique vacation experience, explore the beer trails or embark on a picturesque hot air balloon tour to soak in the breathtaking vistas from above.

New York City

New York City

#12 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Renowned for its vibrant cultural scene, the Big Apple outshines its U.S. counterparts in terms of the myriad of activities it offers. Immerse yourself in the diverse experiences it provides—peruse The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s captivating exhibits, indulge in a Broadway show, or savor a slice of the city’s iconic pizza. Rest assured, monotony will never find its way into your itinerary.
Consider a leisurely walking tour to explore distinctive neighborhoods or embark on a culinary adventure with a delightful food tour. And when you yearn for an escape from the city’s bustling nightlife and towering skyscrapers, find solace in the picturesque Central Park or the captivating allure of the artsy High Line.

San Francisco Travel Destination

San Francisco California

#13 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

To truly experience the charm of San Francisco, immerse yourself in the city on foot or by cable car. From vibrant neighborhoods like the Mission District, Haight-Ashbury, to the Castro, you’ll find an array of unique boutiques, bars, and eateries offering a wide range of culinary delights. Take in breathtaking skyline views from Mission Dolores Park, observe playful sea lions at Pier 39, explore the country’s oldest public Japanese garden at Golden Gate Park, or embark on a captivating boat ride to Alcatraz Island for a fascinating history lesson.
Just remember to equip yourself with comfortable walking shoes, as the city’s steep hills await your discovery.

Washington dc

Washington, D.C.

#14 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, brims with captivating attractions. Embark on memorable journeys to iconic landmarks such as the glorious Lincoln Memorial and the majestic Washington Monument. Moreover, the abundant array of Smithsonian museums in the city ensures ample entertainment on both rainy and sweltering days.

Enjoy the abundance of D.C.’s green spaces, like the U.S. National Arboretum and Rock Creek Park, when the weather is pleasant. Take a leisurely stroll along the Georgetown waterfront for a relaxing afternoon. And make sure to immerse yourself in the vibrant restaurant and bar scene in Adams Morgan, U Street, and H Street corridors.

Key West Florida

Key West

#15 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Key West, located in the Florida Keys, is home to the southernmost point in the continental U.S. This enchanting island offers a plethora of quintessential experiences. From leisurely beach lounging and deep-sea fishing to exhilarating snorkeling, kayaking, and sailing, Key West presents a diverse range of activities. Beyond its picturesque coastline, Key West caters to history enthusiasts with captivating parks like Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, iconic homes such as the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, and intriguing cemeteries like the Historic Key West Cemetery.
Additionally, Duval Street, Key West’s vibrant hub, invites you to embark on a delightful journey through its lively mix of people, restaurants, and bars.



#16 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Choctawhatchee Bay on the Florida Panhandle, Destin boasts pristine, sugar-white beaches and captivating emerald-green waters, making it a coveted vacation spot in the country. Indulge in the idyllic settings of Henderson Beach State Park or the charm of Shores at Crystal Beach Park, which rank high among travelers. Spend the afternoon swimming, snorkeling, or simply basking in the sun. And don’t miss out on the chance to cast a line from The Island Pier

Destin’s title as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” is well-earned. For those seeking more leisurely pursuits, tee off on one of Destin’s premier golf courses or take a leisurely stroll along the Destin Harbor Boardwalk.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor

#17 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Welcome to Bar Harbor, the gateway to Acadia National Park! Nestled on Maine’s Mount Desert Island, this charming town is the perfect starting point for your park adventure. Discover cozy bed-and-breakfasts, mouthwatering waterfront dining, and locally owned shops offering one-of-a-kind Maine souvenirs. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a thrilling boat tour and witness the majestic whales that visit the island’s waters in the summer. And for a leisurely stroll, the scenic Shore Path awaits, offering breathtaking views. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in Bar Harbor!

San Diego California

San Diego

#18 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

San Diego has that Southern California charm that appeals to all sorts of vacationers. The city, which is about 120 miles south of Los Angeles, offers a wide range of activities. You can hike in Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, just north of the city, or catch some waves at Mission and Pacific beaches. And hey, foodies, you don’t want to miss the central Gaslamp Quarter! It’s packed with awesome bars and restaurants serving up fresh seafood, authentic Mexican cuisine, craft beer—you name it. Make sure to explore the museum-filled Balboa Park, take a quick ferry ride to Coronado Island, and catch that breathtaking sunset in La Jolla.

Wyoming’s Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole National Park USA

#19 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

Jackson Hole’s remote location in western Wyoming is a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts. Surrounded by Grand Teton National Park and national forests, this place spoils you with its ski slopes, hiking trails, and spots for fly fishing, mountain biking, white-water rafting, and even paragliding.

And let’s not forget the warmer months, when you can take it easy at Jackson Town Square. Expect fantastic shops, art galleries, bars, and top-notch restaurants, along with some Wild West-themed reenactments on select summer evenings.

New Orleans is a Louisiana city

New Orleans

#19 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Not many cities in America can match the unique cultures you’ll find in the Big Easy. With influences from the Caribbean, West Africa, Europe, and beyond,

New Orleans has a personality all its own. Music lovers flock here for the incredible jazz, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll scenes, while history buffs can’t get enough of attractions like The National WWII Museum and the New Orleans African American Museum. And let’s not forget about the amazing food!

From gumbo to beignets to po’boys, you’ll definitely satisfy your cravings while exploring. After indulging in all the tasty fare, why not hit up Bourbon Street’s nightlife or sign up for an evening adventure?

Seattle Washington state


#21 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Seattle is not just famous for its consistently soggy weather, it’s also an amazing destination for travel enthusiasts! Start your adventure by grabbing a coffee (Seattle is the ultimate hub for this beloved caffeinated delight, and did you know it’s home to Starbucks’ world headquarters?).

After that, why not spend some time mingling with friendly locals and fellow tourists at Pike Place Market? And if you’re up for some nature, head over to Discovery Park for a scenic walk along its beautiful trails and take in the breathtaking view of West Point Lighthouse.

Don’t forget to explore Seattle’s vibrant art scene too! Check out the fascinating exhibits at the Seattle Art Museum, the stunning Chihuly Garden and Glass, and the captivating Olympic Sculpture Park. Seattle has it all!

Sedona Arizona

Sedona National Park

#22 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

Sedona, Arizona is home to some truly incredible sights – think jaw-dropping red rock formations and ancient cliff dwellings. Oh, and did I mention the supposed energy vortexes? Yep, it’s all there! You can explore these postcard-worthy landmarks by taking different hiking trails. And here’s the best part – some of these trails also allow mountain biking! 

For the climbing enthusiasts out there, Sedona’s famed red rocks are an absolute dream come true. You can satisfy your adventurous side while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

After an active day in the great outdoors, why not treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of Sedona’s exquisite restaurants? And the indulgence doesn’t stop there – you can unwind and recharge at one of the town’s award-winning spas or wellness centers.

Tap into Sedona’s spiritual side with a relaxing treatment, yoga session, or even a healing ritual. It’s all about finding that inner zen, my friend.

Telluride Colorado

Telluride in Colorado

#23 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

This tiny Colorado town attracts visitors all year round. In winter, snow lovers can hit the slopes of the Rocky Mountains and then have a blast at Telluride’s awesome après-ski scene.

And in summer, there are plenty of chances to soak in breathtaking views from hiking trails and scenic roads like the San Juan Skyway. When you’re hungry, check out one of the many upscale or rustic mountain restaurants in Telluride. Plus, there’s a free gondola service that lets you explore both the European-style Mountain Village and this charming town.

Colorado Springs Pike NP

Colorado Springs

#24 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Experience an abundance of outdoor adventures in beautiful Colorado Springs. Nestled between the majestic Colorado Rockies and the sweeping Great Plains, this enchanting city, located just 70 miles south of Denver, offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Garden of the Gods, and marvel at the striking red rock formations. Embark on a remarkable journey to the summit of Pikes Peak aboard The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Quench your thirst for exploration at Manitou Springs, where you can indulge in the rejuvenating waters of the area’s eight natural mineral springs. Make sure to carve out time for an intriguing self-guided tour of the U.S. Air Force Academy and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.

Big Sur California

Big Sur California

#25 in Best Destination to Visit in the USA

While swimming isn’t advisable along the California coastline, Big Sur offers picturesque spots for capturing stunning Instagram-worthy photos. For captivating views of jagged rocks and turquoise waters, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and Pfeiffer Beach are unrivaled. For those seeking tranquility, a visit to Garrapata State Park’s shoreline is a must. Additionally, adventure enthusiasts can explore the vast trails that intersect Andrew Molera State Park, spanning a remarkable 4,800 acres. Passing through Big Sur, take a moment to stop near the historic Bixby Bridge, capturing the essence of the breathtaking scenery in a quick snapshot.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

#26 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, captivates travelers with its wide array of offerings. Whether you prefer to test your luck at the lively casinos, indulge in the highly acclaimed buffets, or unwind at luxurious spas and pools, there is something for everyone in this bustling city.

The trendy nightclubs draw in crowds of partygoers, and it would be a mistake to leave without experiencing one of the city’s world-class shows, ranging from concerts to mesmerizing magic acts to awe-inspiring acrobatics.

While most of the must-see attractions are concentrated on the famous Strip, those seeking to avoid the tourist crowds can explore the outskirts of the city, enjoying activities such as hiking or sightseeing by helicopter.

Chicago Illinois


#27 in Best Destinations to Visit in the USA

With its stunning architecture, diverse cuisine, and world-class museums, the Windy City is a top choice for travelers with varying interests. Indulge in the city’s culinary delights, from iconic Chicago-style hot dogs (hold the ketchup!) to mouthwatering Italian beef sandwiches and deep-dish pizza.

Don’t miss the chance to capture memorable moments in front of Millennium Park’s renowned “The Bean” sculpture or explore the impressive exhibits at the Art Institute of Chicago. For a unique perspective, embark on an architecture river cruise.

If you’re visiting in winter, bundle up and embrace the ice-skating rink at Maggie Daley Park, while the warmer months offer a perfect opportunity to bike along the scenic Lakefront Trail.

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