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Moray Terraces Cosmic Origin Cusco Perú

May 14, 2017 | Peru Travel Blogs | 0 comments

Cosmic Origin of Moray Terraces Cusco Perú. Inka engineers would have taken advantage of the craters that left the impacts of a fragmented meteorite. To build the famous circular platforms of Maraz – Moray of Cusco.

The terraces of Moray are a must-visit in the tourist circuits located between the city of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Moray Terraces Cosmic Origin Cusco Perú.
Moray Terraces Cosmic Origin Cusco Perú.

Its very surprise for tourists to see this wonderful monument construction and this beauty of its design.

When you descending to the first level of the circular platforms. You usually look to the sky to find a cosmic response to the origin of this immense granite Circular shape Of Moray. It is one of the most breathtaking landscapes of Cusco.

The Tour Leaders usually explain. That it was a huge agrarian laboratory. That was able to take advantage of different heights to experience various Andean crops.

Moray Terraces Cosmic Origin Cusco Perú.
Moray Terraces Cosmic Origin Cusco Perú.

But few people dare to answer why Inca engineers chose those hollows to build circular platforms?.

In the years 60 of the twentieth century. In conclusion, archaeologists and geologists are affirming that it was a huge crater caused by the impact of a meteorite. But this theory did not prosper until the beginning of the 21st century when astronomer Cusquenian Edwin Salazar resurrected it – previous analyses and scientific evaluations – in his famous book Inca Astronomy.

“If we look at the place and comparing with aerial photographs we will realize that not only are the four circular formations that the Incas build platforms. There are much larger, northward, and smaller ones in the same direction.

Cosmic Origin of Moray

This can make verification by Google Earth’s satellite images.

In total, there are nine possible craters that left the impacts. “Most meteorites are of the chondrite type. And are formed by lithic elements that when entering the terrestrial atmosphere are sublimated and if they are massive they reach the terrestrial surface in a fragmented way. These impacts almost always spread in relatively small areas as in Moray. The distance between the largest impact and the built area of Andenes is approximately one kilometer “adds Salazar, founding member and scientific director of the Planetarium Cusco.

A conclusive test is that the central point of all the “cones or funnels” of Moray is eccentric and have orientations according to an axis that goes from NE to SO, with an angle of drop of 48 degrees, unmistakable sign that all the impacts by objects that fell from the space following the same trajectory.

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