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Amazon Manu 4 Days Tour

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Amazon Manu 4 Day| Amazon Tour Peru

Amazon Manu 4 Days, Manu National Park, located in southeastern Peru, is one of the largest parks in South America. The area of the park encompasses parts of the Andean department of Cusco and the jungle department of Madre de Dios. Manu protects over 2 million hectares (4.5 million acres) of territory rich in flora and fauna species in a variety of habitats including the high Andes, cloud forests, and lowland tropical rain forests. The Biosphere Reserve includes an additional 2,570 km², and a further 914 km² are included in a “Cultural Zone” (which also is afforded a level of protection), bringing the total area up to 18,811 km². More than 20,000 species 40% of the park is Amazonian lowland tropical rainforest, including varzea, oxbow lakes, Iriartea palm swamps, and upland forest types.


Amazon Manu 4 Days trip Itinerary

Day 1

Amazon Manu 4 Days, National Park Peru 4D/3N begins to pick you up at your hotel in Cusco. We’ll start the journey from the Cordillera of the Andes to Manu National Park in Peru. On the way, we’ll visit Huacarpay Lake to observe Migratory and Endemic Birds. Continuing along the road We will pass through interesting valleys and picturesque communities. We will visit pre Incan tombs and then we will stop in Paucartambo, a beautiful colonial town. Here we will visit a very interesting museum.

We continue to the top of Acjanaco, the entrance to Manu National Park Peru 4D/3N. This is a place that marks the end of the Quechua Region. From here on the Rain forest begins with a descent towards the Amazon basin. Along the way, we will enjoy our delicious lunch as we continue in the middle of this cloudy forest. We’ll observe the change of tropical Andes into exuberant and magical outstanding Amazon trees and giant ferns. We can also see bromeliads, huge begonias, uncountable orchids, and a Mega diversity of exotic birds in their natural habits.

We will take a walk to relax and have the opportunity to see an attractive bird known as the Cock of the rocks. In Spanish, it is more commonly known as “Gallito de las Rocas”. You’ll notice this bird making the best demonstration of his boisterous singing, movement, and colorful plumage. We’ll also visit plantations and learn about traditional plant uses and their medicinal properties. Our destination is the port of Atalaya. Once we arrive, we will embark on a boat and begin navigating Madre de Dios river. This river has a meandering shape which gives us a good course for the trip and fabulous scenery.

We’ll go down for about 300 meters to reach our Hostel Logged Manu Learning Center. Once we arrive we’ll settle, choose our rooms and then enjoy dinner with the background melodies of the forest jungle. During your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the history of Manu along with the challenges faced to preserve this beautiful and fragile environment.


* 1 Free Option – Rafting: In Pilcopata will have 90 minutes of rafting (grade I & II) on the Koñeq and/or Madre de Dios Rivers. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and have a swim in refreshing wáter.

* 2 Free Option – Canopy Zip Line: our guests can glide from tree to tree and from platform to platform with a harness on a horizontal cable rail system at high speeds above the trees in the incredible Amazon jungle. You then rappel from a height of 15m back to the jungle floor.

  • Accommodation: Manu Learning Center.
  • Food: Lunch on the Way- Dinner

Day 2: Manu Learning Center – Collpa de Loros and Macaw

One of the most interesting activities today is observing the endangered species “The Macaw Bluehead.” We’ll join a team of scientists and researchers early in the morning before sunset. They will guide us as we observe these beautiful birds. First, we board our boat and go upriver for about 5 minutes. We then head to the hideout in an orderly manner and in silence to observe this spectacular activity of macaws, parrots, and Peccaries. When the sun rises you will see the magical colors of birds flying together and perching on the surrounding trees. The birds will also be flying down towards the clay walls in the Collpa. It is such a colorful spectacle with tremendous bustle while they eat the hard clay of the surface.


At the end of this show, we return to MLC for an energetic breakfast. Continuing our activities this morning we will visit one of our projects. Our bio-garden, which is part of the sustainable development project, supplies food to MLC. We can then explore the log system and observe through them the multiple types of forest. You can also see a variety of species of monkeys, birds, hummingbirds, macaws parrots, and much more. It’s definitely an amazing experience.

At noon we return for lunch. After a well-deserved rest, we’ll go back out for another excursion exploring the trails and learning more about Manu National Park Peru Flora and Fauna. Once we’re back enjoying dinner alongside other guests, we’ll all be sharing our experiences so far at Manu National Park Jungle. After dinner, there is also always the possibility of a night project to observe more species of nocturnal fauna.

  • Accommodation: Manu Learning Center
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Day 3: Manu National Park In PeruLearning Center – Salvation – Cocha Machuwasi

Today definitely is a new day. After our nutritious breakfast, we will have the opportunity to visit Salvation Community. This is a small but important town for Manu National park Peru 4D/3N. Here our organization has several years working on projects with the population. Projects include Agroforestry, Bio-orchards and environmental education with the school children of José Carlos Mariategui School. We will have the opportunity to exchange experiences with school children and also visit a self-sustaining home of one of our Collaborators.

We’ll have a brief stop to have our boxed lunch. All the lunch ingredients are from the production of our bio-garden. Afterward, we can visit Cocha Machuwasi (Old House Lake) to continue exploring and deepen our knowledge of flora and fauna of this lake. We will board a small raft and go around the lake taking photos and videos of different wildlife located in the center of the lake. Today is a full day of activity. We will return to our boat and then arrive at the Manu Learning Center. After dinner, there is also always the possibility of a night walk to observe more species of nighttime wildlife.

  • Accommodation: Manu Learning Centre.
  • Food: Breakfast, Lunch.

Day 4: Manu National Park Learning Center – Cusco

We will wake up early for breakfast. Our luggage will be collected by our staff and taken to our boat. After the safety information, we will depart and enjoy once again the wonderful scenery from the rainforest to the Port of Atalaya. Here we will board our ground transportation. The landscape will change drastically as you return through the cloud forest of Manu National Park Peru to the Andes. In some strategic place, we will have our lunch on route. We will make some technical stops on route before arriving at each of your Hotels. Hoping you had a wonderful experience of Manu National Park In Peru here your journey comes to end.

  • Accommodation: Not included
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch en route

Additional Information

The Manu Biosphere Reserve has a very rich wildlife

Larger species of the lowland forests include the jaguar, puma, ocelot, giant otter, giant anteater, southern tamandua, giant armadillo, nine-banded armadillo, brown-throated sloth, Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth, Brazilian tapir, capybara, pacarana, lowland paca, collared peccary, white-lipped peccary and several deer species, like South American red brocket, and South American brown brocket. The marsh deer, actually rather a savanna animal, has also been confirmed.

There are 14 species of monkeys. These are Goeldi’s marmoset, pygmy marmoset, shock-headed capuchin (Cebus albifrons cuscinus), tufted capuchin (Cebus apella peruanus), Brown-mantled tamarin, emperor tamarin, moustached tamarin, black-capped squirrel monkey, black-headed night monkey, brown titi, Rio Tapajós saki, Bolivian red howler, Peruvian spider monkey, and gray woolly monkey. Confined to the mountainous areas above ca. 2000 m are Peruvian white-tailed deer, dwarf brocket, culpeo, mountain paca andspectacled bear. The puma also reaches very high elevations of up to 3450 m.


  • Bus Cusco – Puerto Maldonado.
  • 3 Nights in Manu in Hotel*.
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Tour guide.
  • Bus back to Cusco


  • Tips for the trekking crew, Guides, Cooks, and porters at your discretion.
  • Flight Ticket to Cusco.
  • Accommodation in Cusco. (see recommendation)
  • Travel Insurance. (check that your insurance covers you for treks above 4,200 masl) and (COVID-19)

From: $ 1199 per person

$1119.00 per person (minimum of 2 people to book tour)
Includes Logging accommodation 
Please see below for Inclusions

Tour Leaders Peru truly cares about its Customers, Staff, and our Environment. We are Eco-friendly.

  • Original passport and (ISIC student card if applicable).
  • A comfortable 45 Lt trek backpack if you want to carry all your belongings.
  • A small daypack to carry your personal belongings.
  • Lighter style trekking boots with good ankle support or tough sport shoes, (light sandals or clogs are recommended to rest at campsites).
  • Trekking poles with rubber tips. (metal tips are not allowed on the trail).
  • Warm clothes, layers for variable temperature especially at night
  • Thermal underwear can be worn in the sleeping bag or in cold conditions
  • Gloves or mittens, scarf, wool socks, woolen hat for cold nights
  • Flashlight, head torch, and extra batteries
  • Camera and extra batteries, – Binoculars
  • Wear a hat with a broad visor to keep the sun off your face
  • Sunscreen, and sunglasses
  • Personal medical kit, insect repellent
  • Rain Gear: a good rain jacket, rain poncho
  • Toiletries, toilet paper, small towel
  • 2-liter water bottle, (disposable plastic bottles are forbidden).
  • Extra money for drinks en route, Machupicchu and Aguas Calientes. ($10-15)
  • Tips for (porters, cooks, guides. ($30-40) Not mandatory.
  • Emergency money at least 200-300 soles. ($ 120)

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