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Machu Picchu New Regulations To Visit Peru

May 16, 2017 | Peru Travel Blogs | 0 comments

What is Goin To Change Wit This New Regulations in Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu New Regulations To Visit Peru entrance to Machupicchu. Will be very different starting July 1st, 2017 in Cusco, Peru. There will be an implementation of two shifts or visiting hours (from 06:00 to 12:00 hours and from 12:00 to 17:30 hours).

Other measures are integrating into the “Regulation of Sustainable use and tourist visit for the Conservation of the National Park of Machupicchu”, approved by the Ministry of Culture. It is established that in order to enter the archaeological site a licensed tour guide should accompany visitors in order to contribute to the conservation of our cultural heritage. Groups per tour are reducing to 16 people and the reentry to the monument.

Machu Picchu New Regulations To Visit Peru
Entrance to Machupicchu will be with an Official Tour Guide and in small groups as of July 1st, 2017 was declared.” Machu Picchu New Regulations To Visit Peru

Machupicchu: Advice New rules in Machu Picchu From July 1st-2017  Role of the Tour Leaders and prohibitions.

The new provisions set out in the regulation for visits to Machupicchu. Detail the role of the official tour guides in Peru in this new stage, as well as their responsibilities and competencies. They also point to the obligations and limitations that tourists have, as well as the penalties for both tour guides and tourists. Pay attention to the following rules.

Time of Permanence According to the law under Article 16:

Beginning July 1, 2017, for 2 years. The period of stay in the Llaqta region of Machupicchu is managing by two shifts in the following schedules: from 06:00 to 12:00 hours and from 12:00 to 17:30 hours. In the first shift, you can enter the number of tourists fluctuating between 45% and 55% according to the capacity of affluence. For the second shift, you can enter the same fluctuating number of visitors.

The visitor must fulfill his visit and tour within either of the two established innings. Not being allowed to re-entry to the city of Machupicchu, except for reasons of force majeure or fortuitous case. The non-observance of scheduled timetables generates the immediate withdrawal of visitors and tourist guides with the support of the competent authorities. Entrance to the city of Machupicchu (law-art. 17):

To enter the Sanctuary of Machupicchu. Visitors must carry their Machu Picchu Tour entrance ticket. Their official identity document and must be accompanied by a Tour leader to contribute to the protection of its physical integrity, especially at the sites of risk, as well as to contribute to the conservation of the cultural patrimony and the ordering of the tourist visit. The staff of the Machupicchu National Archaeological Park (PANM) may require the ticket and/or the identity document inside the CITY.

The documents valid for foreign visitors are their original passports. Foreign card, diplomatic card, or DNI for the citizens of the Andean Community or Mercosur. The valid document for Peruvian visitors is its valid and original Document. In the case of being a student or visitor, you must present a valid card issued by the University or by the Ministry of Education.

Tourist Guide Service (Article 18):

The document specifies that in order to provide Tour guide service in the city of Machupicchu, the tour leaders (official guides or graduates in tourism) must comply with the requirements for the professional practice established in law N° 28529, Tourist Guidebook Law and its regulations. They must also carry their valid card in a visible place before and during their tour of the Inca citadel.

guides should organize their groups before the entrance control to the City, moving neatly inside and at their exit. The groups will have a maximum of 16 visitors and must be accompanied by the guide throughout the tour. It is forbidden to transfer visitors from one group to another within the City of Machupicchu. If the group is going to be abandoned, they shall be punished in coordination with the competent authority in accordance with the applicable standards.

The guides have the obligation to register in the control of entry, specifying the circuit that they will follow, the number of visitors (males, women, children, tour driver and/or translators), not being able to increase the number of visitors of the group within the city.

The guides must accompany the group throughout the course and must also register at the exit within the established timetables. Likewise, the guides must abide by and enforce the rules of this regulation. By driving through the establishing circuits. Maintaining behavior that is heightening both within the city and in its adjacent spaces, respecting the authority and abiding by the indications of the lookers staff and rangers. The Tour leaders of the Inca Trail network that arrive at the sanctuary of Machupicchu by the Intipunku sector must register their groups in the control center.

Machu Picchu New Regulations To Visit Peru

Prohibitions during the visit (Article 19):

National Institute of Culture (INC )is prohibiting Visitors and guides carrying backpacks or bags of more than 40x35x20 cm. (those that exceed that size/capacity must leave their bags for an added storage fee). They will not be able to enter with food and utensils; With any illegal substance or under its effects; With any type of alcoholic beverage or in ethyl state, as provided in the New Regulations in Machu Picchu.

In addition, they are preventing from entering with any type of aerosols; Hard-floor heels or shoes; Sharps objects and/or weapons; Banners, posters and/or placards; Among other objects. It is also forbidden to cause tumult or disorder during the visit; Climbing or leaning on walls and/or structures; Touching, moving or removing lithics; Perform any type of graffiti; Disturb or extract native flora or fauna and/or cultural elements; Perform activities that distort the sacred nature of the archeological site of Machu Picchu; Undressing, leaning or running; Make fire and/or dispose of any type of waste; among others.

Non-compliance with the provisions (Article 20):

Failure to comply with the provisions of this Regulation shall determine the expulsion of the visitor from the city. Without the right to return. The deconcentrated culture direction (DDC) Cusco under objective criteria and considering the severity of the infringement will initiate the corresponding legal actions.

DIRCETUR Cusco will evaluate the initiation of a sanctioning procedure. According to the infringement committed, for which it is governed by the established in the Law N° 28868 which empowers the Minister to criminalize sanctions by the regulatory way.

The staff of the DDC in Cusco has the function of ensuring compliance with this regulation. If necessary it may request the support of the public force to expel the visitor. Who is against the conservation of the city of Machu Picchu. Under such an assumption. It may formulate the respective complaint to the national police of Peru (PNP) and/or the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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