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“We welcome you to Hike Machu Picchu and The Andes of Peru: and “Unveil Endless Horizons with Tour Leaders Peru!
Machu Picchu Hiking Tour in Peru is your Best Option. There are many different hiking routes to reach guided hiking tours to Machu Picchu and each offers a different type of experience. The Classic Inca Trail hike tours to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail 5 Days Family Tours are by far the most popular trekking route in Peru.

If you are not able to obtain a permit due to limited availability or your heart is set on a different and less crowded trekking path, know that there are other popular alternative Hiking routes that lead to Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu Hiking & Trekking in Peru is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Our private & unique adventure begins in Cusco, the archaeological capital of the Americas, at an altitude of 11,150 feet. In Cusco, you will see massive walls, cobblestone streets, and remnants of the Inca Empire and the Spanish colonial period.

Machu Picchu is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for good reason. The ancient ruins are simply breathtaking. But if you’re looking for a more unique experience, consider hiking to Machu Picchu instead of taking the usual Machu Picchu By Train 2 Days Tour. There are several different hiking tours to choose from, Peru Travel Packages each with its own set of challenges and rewards. So which one should you pick? Check out these Machu Picchu Travel Guides Tours to find out!


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Inca TrailMap


Embark on an exhilarating adventure along the legendary Inca Trail that leads you to the awe-inspiring Machu Picchu. Our beautifully illustrated Inca Trail map provides all the details you need – from daily stats to hidden campsites and more! Join us for a journey of a lifetime.

Inca Trail Hiking Tours

Salkantay Trek

Salkantay Trek To Machu Picchu 5 Days

Price: 670 USD Per Person

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Group Size: 8 Max
Physical Rating: Challenging
Salkantay Trek Route To Machu Picchu 5 Days Best Alternative Trail Hikers/ Are you an avid Hikers? Do you love photography and being outdoors?  If so, then the 5 days Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu should be on your bucket list! This ancient Andean Trail offers hikers a challenging but rewarding journey through the Peruvian Andes.

With awe-inspiring scenery such as Humantay Lake and exciting Incan ruins along the way, hikers will be awestruck by this once-in-a-lifetime experience. So what are you waiting for? Join us in this trek!


Hike Lares Trek To Machu Pichu 4 Days With Hotel

Price From USD 599 8+pp

DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging
Looking for an outdoor adventure that will take you to some of the most beautiful and historical places along the Andes of Peru, This four-day expedition will take you through the heart of the Andes mountains, past glistening lakes and towering glaciers, to the legendary citadel of Machu Picchu. With all of its natural beauty and fascinating history, this is a trek that should not be missed!

If you’re considering undertaking the Lares trek to Machu Picchu, be sure to plan well in advance – spaces tend to fill up quickly. And don’t forget your camera – this is a trip you’ll want to remember for a lifetime!

Choquequirao Trek

Conquer The Second Machu Picchu Named Choquequirao Trek Hiking Tour 5-Day

Price From $650 8+

DURATION: 5 Days / 4 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Moderate – Challenge
Consider hiking the Choquequirao Trek is Unique and less-known trip in the Cusco region. This challenging five-day hike winds its way through the Peruvian Andes and offers up stunning panoramas of snow-capped peaks and lush valleys. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore to see the sister of machu Picchu!

Professional hikers recommend starting the trek early in the morning to take advantage of cooler temperatures and avoid crowds. Be prepared for a strenuous journey, as the elevation can range from 9,000 to 15,000 feet. You’ll need a good level of fitness, along with proper gear and clothing for colder weather conditions. The views are worth it though

Huchuy Qosqo Hike 3 Days

Hucguy Qosqo Trek 4 Day Include Machu Picchu Tour

DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Moderate Challenging Elevation
Recommended for Short Days Hike Huchuy Qosqo Trek With Machu Picchu 4 Days you must do.

If you are interested in a short trip and an amazing hiking and camping adventure that will take you to some of the most beautiful places along the sacred Valley? If so, then you should consider doing the Huchuy Qosqo trek with Machu Picchu. This three-day trek will take you through some of the most stunning scenery in the country, and it culminates with a visit to Machu Picchu – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable Short outdoor experience, be sure to add this trek to your bucket list!

Ausangate Rainbow Mountain Trek

Ausangate Trek And Rainbow Mountain Least Trek 4 Days

DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging
This is an unforgettable hiking experience in the Peruvian Andes, Ausangate Trek to Rainbow Mountain. This challenging but rewarding trek takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in all of Peru, including snow-capped peaks, glaciers, aquamarine lakes, and of course, the mesmerizing Rainbow Mountain. With its diverse landscape and abundant wildlife, the Ausangate Trek is a must-do for any traveler or outdoor enthusiast visiting Peru.

Ancascocha Trek

Ancascocha Trek to Machu Pichcu

DURATION: From 4d to 7 Days
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging
The ANCASCOCHA TREK is a spectacular trail that is beautiful, strenuous, and off the beaten path. This Machu Picchu Hiking Trek ends in the Lost City of The Incas. It is perfect for those looking for a more challenging and less crowded alternative to the classic Inca Trail.

One of the highlights of this trek is reaching the Ancascocha Pass, situated at an altitude of 15,577 ft (4,750 m). From here, you will have breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains such as Salkantay and Huayanay. This part of the trail also offers beautiful landscapes

quarry trail Peru To Machu Picchu

Inca Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu

DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging

The Inca Quarry Trek, also known as the Cachicata Trek or Quarry Trek, offers a captivating 4-day journey through unique landscapes found nowhere else in the Peruvian Andes. This remarkable trek unveils the rich material and immaterial heritage of the ancient and modern Andean society, allowing you to immerse yourself in its wonders. Discover one of the most awe-inspiring off-the-beaten-track trails to Machu Picchu.

The Inca Quarry trail begins at Chancachuco Trail and concludes near Ollantaytambo. Spanning three days, this remarkable journey covers a distance of approximately 30 kilometers and takes hikers through stunning landscapes and archaeological sites.

Add Ons

Ance your Peru experience by exploring the beautiful city of Cusco. Taking tours in this vibrant destination not only helps with acclimatization but also sets the perfect tone before embarking on the classic trail hike. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!



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Best Travel Destinations in One Site

Salkantay Trekking Tour 5 Days


DURATION: 7 Days / 6 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging
This 7-day trek to Machu Picchu offers tourists the chance to enjoy a combination of both the Salkantay Trek and the Inca Trail. You’ll explore a spectacular array of landscapes, from the snow-capped peaks of the Andes to the lush subtropical forests around Machu Picchu.

Along the way, you’ll take in incredible views and have plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife in its natural habitat. From crossing ancient Inca ruins to discovering hidden villages filled with friendly locals.

Hiking Trail To Machu Picchu

5 DAY INCA TRAIL TO MACHU PICCHU – Recommended for Families & Friend

DURATION: 5 Days / 4 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging
Experience the awe-inspiring Inca Trail Hike to Machu Picchu! Embark on a 5-day/4-night adventure through the breathtaking Andes. Take your time, Hike on your own steps, and immerse yourself in the wonders of this magnificent journey. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience!

Lares Trek


DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights
GROUP SIZE: We Arrange groups up to 2 hikers
PHYSICAL RITE: Challenging
The true essence of the Lares Trek as you hike through fascinating farming villages devoid of modern amenities. Engage with the local Quechua children and immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of the Inca descendants. This trek not only allows you to stamp a real connection but also offers you the opportunity to explore the best parts of the classic Inca trail, culminating at the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu.

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Planning a hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the trek, Such as When Is The Best Time To Visit Machu Pichcu? with answers from our expert Tour Leaders. Whether you’re looking for information on permits, what to pack, or how difficult the trail is, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

How do I get an Inca Trail permit?

If you’re planning to hike the Inca Trail in Peru, you’ll need to get a permit. Here’s what you need to know about how to get one. permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, and they often sell out months in advance, so be sure to start planning well ahead if you want to hike this popular trail. The Peruvian Ministry of Culture issues Inca Trail permits, and there are a few things you need to do before you can apply. Here’s everything you need to know about getting an Inca Trail to permit.

Inca Trail Permit and Availability

Inca Trail Altitude Sickness

Are you planning to hike the Inca Trail? altitude sickness is a real concern, especially if you’re not used to hiking or camping at high altitudes. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and enjoy your trip.

Altitude sickness can occur when traveling to areas of high elevation, such as the Inca Trail in Peru. If you’re not used to camping or hiking at high altitudes, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and take precautions to prevent altitude sickness from occurring. Symptoms can include headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and dizziness. By taking a few simple steps before and during your trip, you can reduce your risk of getting sick and enjoy the experience safely.

One of

Is The Inca Trail Difficult?

The Inca Trail is a famous hiking trail in Peru that ends at Machu Picchu. The trail is known for its challenging terrain, so it’s not for beginners. If you’re an experienced hiker, the Inca Trail offers a unique and rewarding challenge.

There are several different routes you can take on the trail, so be sure to choose one that matches your skills and experience level. And remember to prepare well for the hike; make sure you have the right gear and enough water to last you 4-7 days. The scenery along the way is stunning, so be sure to take some time to enjoy it! Hiking the Inca Trail is an experience you’ll never forget.

Benefit Traveling With Tour Leaders Peru

  1. 100% Operated by Tour Leaders Peru, we never put you with other tour operators.
  2. Pick up from Airport and Hotel
  3. Top-of-the-line equipment REI Co-op Half Dome 4 Tent. Only for Two Persons
  4. 8 kg per person, other companies offer you only 6 kg
  5. Best English Speakers Tour Leaders, We know Communication is very important in your trip
  6. Extraordinary Chefs! Don’t get stressed about food and forget your power bar. We serve you a 5-star outdoor restaurant with delicious organic gourmet food in your dining tent.
  7. Hotel Aguas Calientes with all facilities
  8. Free and Safe Storage in Cusco and Aguas Calientes while you are hiking and visiting Machupicchu
  9. Umantay Lake included (most companies skip this wonderful lake)
  10. Private transportation on each trip
  11. Perfect Location For Photographers
  12. Comfortable and Panoramic Train to Aguas Calientes.
  13. Visit Machu Picchu twice with this tour!

Do Porters Will Carry Our Duffle Bags?

Your trek will be more comfortable with the help of our skilled porters. They’ll carry your Fuffle bags while you are hiking, and your suitcase we’ll store safely at one hotel in Cuzco for safekeeping! All other items needed on the trails ( sunscreen, Camera, etc ) should only weigh less than 6kgs – so don’t worry about packing anything else beyond what’s required by law. We will organize your trip.


Inca Trail Porters And Weight Limitation!

As you prepare for your trek, it’s important to understand what the weight limit is for porters.
Our porters can each carry a maximum of 20kg.

This will help you pack accordingly and not put too much stress on the porters who are carrying your gear. Learn more about the weight limit and how to be respectful of it in this blog post.



Inca Trail Acclimatization

The Inca Trail is a tough hike, so it’s important to take time beforehand and prepare your body for the added stress of altitude. Our full four-day tour allows you plenty of opportunities throughout Cusco City (and other areas) where we can help get acclimatized while immersed among local communities at their ruins!

The key to Tour Leaders Peru Safety Policy

We occupy the top position for a reason. Safety underpins everything we do. We are widely regarded as the safest and best- Inca Trail equipped team on any Peru Hiking Tours & expedition.

We carry an extensive emergency first aid kit on all trips plus satellite phones on all remote expeditions.

The key to  Tour Leaders Peru Safety Policy is our highly trained and superbly motivated staff. Our guides consistently make decisions that put safety above all else. These decisions include walking around rapids, waiting out for better weather, route changes, and limiting trip participation if the client may have issues continuing.

We expect clients to abide by these decisions. After all, it is for your own safety.

Our Team of Experts Can Help With Flights and Accommodation.

Not sure how to book your whole trip? Our team of experts can help with flights and accommodation. We’ll also take care of any international transit you might need on the way there or back!

We can help you plan your entire tour of Peru, including booking flights to and from Lima. We’ll also book a place for each day while trekking the Inca Trail!

Where Do Porters Sleep??

In order to ensure the safety of our porter’s trek, we provide them with sleeping bags and mattresses. We also give each one his or her own tent! When it comes time for rest at night on this journey into nature-our tour leaders make sure that they are using dedicated shelters so as not to put any strain on available resources (like wood).

Do Porters Eat With Tourists?

Porters are often on the go, so they need food that provides them with energy. Tour leaders in Peru provide larger meal portions and higher carbohydrate meals for this reason – porter’s needs vary depending upon how much speedwork they have done that day or if there have been any delays along their route!

Don’t worry about Porters Meal. We make sure to feed them very well!!!!!!

Tour Leaders Ensure the Health and safety or The Porters

hiking the Inca Trail is a treacherous task that requires expertise and proper equipment. To ensure hikers have what they need, Tour Leaders Peru provides porters with backpacks to carry all our camping gear as well as medical insurance in case anything should go wrong on the trail itself or if someone gets sick after finishing it!

Portering has always been the backbone of this famous route since its inception by belonging there all along – but recent changes made us think twice about how much work goes into providing these essential services for our clients without compromising safety standards…

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The new vessel has a range of amenities found on no other boat in the region including an air-conditioned multimedia lecture room, fitness center, and our favorite – nightly cocktails and entertainment.

It also has Amazon’s largest observation deck. Rooms are spacious with modern ensuite bathrooms and everyone suite has a balcony!

Consider to Arrive 1-2 days Before the Inca Trail Hike

The Inca Trail is a demanding trek, so don’t arrive at night and expect to be properly acclimatized in time. Make sure you’ve allowed enough preparation before the hike starts by following these simple guidelines:

This means that if your arrival date will fall on Day 1 or later then allow up until noon (12 PM) for registration procedures upon arriving in Cusco; this also applies when booking hotels near Cusco Center or Sacred Valley due to its proximity to the Airport terminal which may cause traffic issues during rush hour if coming straight from the airport without having had much sleep since landing overseas.

Inca Trail Distance Per Day and Details

If you are looking to get off the beaten path and explore some pristine natural areas, this hike will not disappoint. The path leads through the subtropical rainforest before reaching Incan ruins at millennial high passes with unparalleled views of spectacular mountains all around them!

DAY 1: (7.8 miles or 12.5 km) KM 82 – Huayllabamba (Training Day)

    • This first day is relatively easy walking (Training Day) ~ 7-9 hours.
    • We take a bus from Cusco to Kilometer 82 (9000 ft or 2750 m) where we begin the trek at about 9:00 AM.
    • Hike the first 3 miles (5 km) along the left bank of the River Urubamba to our lunch spot, near the ruins of Llactapata (8692 ft or 2650 m).
    • After lunch, continue south along the river Cusichaca, climbing gently. Camp at Huayllabamba (9691 ft or 2954 m) sometimes Uncaypata 3300 above sea level.

    DAY 2: (5.1 miles or 8.3 km) Dead Woman Pass (Challenging Days)

    • This is the most difficult day. After climbing Warmiwañusca (Dead Woman’s) pass on the morning of the second day, the rest of the hike is relatively easy.
    • Begin hiking about 7:00 AM and hike about 5 1/2 hours to our lunch spot. The trail follows the River Llullucha, climbing steeply nearly 4000 feet (1200 m) through forests and plains to the highest point on the trek, Warmiwañusca pass, Dead Women’s pass at (13,776 ft or 4200m). Lunch is provided shortly after the pass.
    • It’s another 2 hours walking to our camp at Pacaymayo (11,833 ft or 3607m).

    DAY 3: (4.5 miles or 7.3 km) Pacaymayo – Phuyupatamarca  (Last Campsite)

    • On the third day, the trail climbs gently up two passes.
    • Depart ~ 7:00 AM and hike about 1 hour to the oval ruins of Runkuracay (12,470 ft or 3800 m). Continue up the second pass and back down to the ruins of Sayacmarca (11,742 ft or 3580 m). These ruins offer spectacular views in nearly every direction.
    • From here, climb gently up the third and final pass through lush cloud forests to the ruins of Phuyupatamarca (“Cloud-Level Town”).
    • Camp at Phuyupatamarca (11,930 ft or 3640 m) or continue downhill to the ruins of Winay Wayna. This will be up to the discretion of your Tour Leader and the Peruvian National Park Service. Your Tour Leader will notify you locally of your camping itinerary.

    DAY 4: (6.9 miles or 11 km)

    • This day is mostly downhill along with steep, stone steps.
    • Have an early breakfast and hike the remaining 6.9 miles (approx 5-7 hours) to Machu Picchu.
    • Arrive at Inti Punku, the Gate of the Sun, entrance to Machu Picchu at (7875 ft or 2400 m) in the afternoon for a guided tour. Hikers camping at Winay Wayna on Day 3 will reach the ruins in the early morning instead.
    • Short bus trip to Aguas Calientes for a hot shower in our hotel.

    5 Day Inca Trail

    • All travelers will have the opportunity to return to Machu Picchu before dawn on the following day to watch the sunrise and spend the full morning exploring the glorious ruins of Machu Picchu!
    NOTE: The exact locations where you will have lunch and camp is subject to change depending on weather conditions, current Inca Trail regulations and the abilities of the group.

    COVID-19 Measurement

    • Temperature checks for all traveler are mandatory
    • Face masks required for travelers and staff in public areas
    • Hand sanitizer available to travelers and staff at all times
    • High traffic places and equipment sanitized regularly between use
    • Maximum 8 people per group to reduce crowds, for bigger groups we will assign two teams
    • Transportation and touristic sites capacity will be reduced to 50%
    • Printed material such as maps or vouchers will be avoided.
    • 100% online payments with no booking fees at all
    • Flexible bookings during COVID – 19 outbreak

    Up for an Epic Adventure: Everything You Must Know!

    This adventure raises many questions for visitors planning to do this incredible hiking trail. Find out how to do the walk, when is the best time to go, when is the worst time to go, what are its rules, its prohibitions, and much more. Go ahead and take one of the best walks in the world!

    LEARN ABOUT: The Inca Trail Porters

    Inca Trail Dry season

    From April to October the days are sunnier and with little chance of rain. For many, it is the best time to hike to Machu Picchu. Sunny days favor getting the best photos on the route. May, June, and July are the driest months but with the coldest temperatures at night.

    Rainy Season Inca Trail
    From November to March, it usually rains more frequently. Some tourists are uncomfortable. Others enjoy the beautiful landscapes that the rain brings. The rains can cause slipping on the road so you must walk carefully. January, February, and March are the rainiest months so the necessary precautions should be taken.
    Closing in February
    February is the rainiest month so the authorities decide to close the Inca Trail for safety and to carry out maintenance work on the route. During that month tourists can be encouraged to do other alternative hiking routes such as the Lares trek, the Huchuy Qosqo trek, or the Choquequirao trek.
    Camps Sites

    The camps for each night are those of Huayllabamba, Pacaymayo, and Wiñayhuayna (or Phuyupatamarca). All are well-equipped for tourists. The authorities have chosen these places for the security of landslides etc. Tour agencies include you all the necessary comfort to spend the night.

    During the Inca Trail, it is forbidden to damage the Inca buildings. Tourists should not carry knives, fuel, drones, firearms, and more. Remember that damaging the heritage of the Incas is considered a serious crime by the Peruvian authorities. Let’s take care of the historic Inca Trail and preserve it for the future!
    The Sun Gate
    On the last day of hiking, tourists arrive at Machu Picchu through the Intipunku (Puerta del Sol). This first panoramic view is an incredible experience difficult to forget. The Intipunku was a construction of walls, windows, and enclosures where the rays of the sun reached each summer solstice.
    Inca Trail Reservation
    The Inca Trail is considered one of the best hiking trails on the planet. However, it only has about 500 spaces available per day. Due to this, the reservation of the tour must be made online through a tourism agency 6 or 7 months in advance. Otherwise, you will not find free spaces.
    Your Day Backpack

    The Inca Trail, carry a backpack weighing max 5 kilos. Pack essentials: sleeping bag (not included), trekking poles (not included), phone batteries, camera, clothes, water, snacks, hat, sunblock, mosquito repellent, personal hygiene items, and medication.

    Why US
    We’re here to provide unwavering support as you embark on your incredible adventure in Peru. With top-of-the-line equipment, exceptional tour guides, and the delightful and original flavors of Peruvian cuisine, we ensure an unforgettable experience for you. Let us take care of every detail while you immerse yourself in the wonders of Peru!

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