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Winayhuayna Inca Trail Hike

How to Travel To Machu Picchu Best Guide & Information

Oct 23, 2018 | Machu Picchu | 0 comments

Travel Guide to Peru and Machu Picchu

How to Travel To Machu Picchu Best Guide & Information. Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city situated within the Andes Mountain Range in Peru’s South American country. The stunning view this Ancient Wonder of the World offers makes it a highly desired stop for many travelers per year. To get to the ancient city, travelers will have to first fly into the city of Cusco, Peru, and either travel via car or train to the small town of Aguas Calientes, located at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Sometimes referred to as Machu Picchu Pueblo, Aguas Calientes serves as the gateway to the Stone City. 

It is essential for those arranging to visit the ancient stone city to be aware of the various travel options and visitors’ restrictions. As mentioned above, travelers will initially fly into Cusco, Peru, where tickets to Machu Picchu can be purchased if not already done so through your chosen travel agency. It would benefit travelers to purchase these tickets in advance, as only 2,500 per day are permitted up to Machu Picchu itself, and less than 400 to the famous surrounding peaks of Huayna Picchu and Montaña Machu Picchu, respectively. From there, travelers will then set off for Aguas Calientes, Peru, either by car or train, where they can catch a quick rest before making their ascent up the Andes Mountains. 

Short Inca Trail Top Peru Tour

The Climb Itself to Machu Picchu Can Either Be Done on Foot or By Train.

For those electing to hike the trail up, it is essential to take proper precautions to avoid altitude sickness as the ancient city is nearly 8,000 ft. above sea level. These safety measures are well worth it, as in the end, witnessing the beauty of Machu Picchu is regarded as a life-changing experience for many.

The ancient Wonder of the World in Machu Picchu has captivated countless visitors over the centuries. To this day, the ancient city still calls travelers from all corners of the world to visit. As it is widely considered a bucket list destination for many. Keeping the above information in mind, those wishing to make the journey will do so with little worry.

Machu Picchu Travel Guide | Peru Tour Information.

This Travel company was designed by local tour guides. Who wished for tourists from all over the world to have a different type of unique experience. Every tourist that visits Peru brings new insight into what can make a trip more memorable. We have listened to every word tourists have told us and have incorporated all of these details into our tours.

Tour Leaders Peru Adventure offers you. More personalized tours and added personalized details, that make your trip an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Complete guide to Machu Picchu
Meeting Time with Our staff

We want you to have the absolute best experience ever while in Peru.

If you are one who enjoys and the outdoors, loves to relax, connect with nature, and unravel a mysterious past in one of the Seven Wonders of the World declared by UNESCO. Then you are looking at the perfect place to go for an enjoyable adventure. Forget life’s stressors and connect with mother earth in the sacred land of the Incas!

Salkantay Trek Tour Leaders Peru
Umantay Lake -Sakantay trek 5 days To Machu Picchu

Rest assure that Tour Leaders Peru Travel Guide is dedicating to provide you, with the best experience possible.

We are aware of the questions and concerns, that may arise while visiting a foreign country. Our company goes to the fullest measures possible. To take care of all the planning and minute details so that you can remain stress-free and captivate by all of the wonders and beauty of Cusco and Peru Travel Guide.

We offer high-quality services and personalized tours at a reasonable price. All of our staff have years of experience working in the tourism sector and are enthusiastic to help you have the adventure of a lifetime!

Machu Picchu Awaits to you:

Explore the best Alternative and wonderful Treks to Machupicchu Such As.

  • Inca Trail to Machupicchu
  • Salkantay Trek to Machupicchu
  • Lares Valley Trek to Machupicchu
  • Choquequirao Trek.
  • Two days Machupicchu by Train
  • day one tour Rainbow Mountain in Peru
  • etc

Classic Inca Trail 4 Days

Why Not Take a Look at One of Our Machu Picchu Hiking Tours?

Do you like the idea of a vacation with a difference? Maybe you prefer an adventure for your next trip away. If you want to enjoy a stunning blend of History, Culture, wildlife, and timeless, stunning scenery, one of our Machu Picchu hiking tours could be just what you’re looking for. We offer tour package options suitable for a wide range of visitors, enabling you to really get to know Peru. Whether you want to find out more about the ancient civilizations that populated the Machu Picchu area or love the idea of discovering local flora and fauna, our trekking trips to Machu Picchu let you do just that.

Vistadome Machu Picchu Tous

Wide Variety of Cusco Machu Picchu Tour Options

We believe that when it comes to your vacation, it’s important to have an experience that’s exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we are always happy to tailor your Machu Picchu treks to meet your specific requirements. Whether you like the idea of a personal tour guide or have a particular interest that you want to satisfy during your tour, we can make appropriate arrangements for you to enjoy your vacation just how you want to.

Enjoy Some Great Experiences on Our Machu Picchu Travel Guide | Peru Tour Information From the chance to enjoy walking paths laid down by the Incas hundreds of years ago, as you trek through the spectacular landscape, through to opportunities to taste avocados, pineapples, and other native fruits straight from the trees, our Machu Picchu hiking adventures provide the chance to make some unforgettable memories.

Machu Picchu Travel To Peru Complete Guide
Glamping Hiking Tours

Some of the Best Machu Picchu Tours Available

We pride ourselves on offering visitors an exceptional tour experience at every stage of their time with us.

Not only do our Machu Picchu vacation packages include access to some of the most spectacular parts of Peru, benefits such as gourmet, organic meals, comfortable accommodation, and a bi-lingual tour guide help to make your vacation the very best it can be. To find out more about our Machu Picchu hiking tours in Peru, or for anything else, email us at or call us at (408) 707-6463.

About Us | Tour Leaders Peru Travel Adventure

Tour Leaders Peru Travel Guide and Information is one of the Leaders in all Peru and treks, sightseeing to Machupicchu. all our tours had been designed and inspired by local tour locals leaders, which is 100% local Company based in Cuzco – Peru. Most of our staff are Quechua’s and we are so proud to be part of the Inca Descendant. We passionate about what we do. We really care about all our services and the quality of each tour leading to the Inca city. Our commitment to our own community is unprecedented. We have top of the line equipment REI sleeping tents.

3% of each customer page goes for our social projects giving back to our community. In different ways such as school support, Medication, Reforestation, Clothes, and more. whit out you, it can be possible. Help to Help. Come with us and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in Peru. Also if you are interested in the Travel for free Program with Family and friends

Machu Picchu Travel Guide | Peru Tour Information
Best Hotels all Around Peru – Hotel La Hacienda Paracas

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