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Inca Trail Royal Trek To Machu Picchu 5 Days

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Difficulty

Nov 23, 2020 | Peru Travel Blogs | 0 comments

There is a common misconception about the Machu Picchu trek difficulty. How difficult is the Inca Trail Hike? The Machu Picchu trek difficulty depends on your skill level and various other factors. Is the Inca Trail hard? You can learn everything you need to know about the Inca Trail and whether people find the Machu Picchu hike difficult. So, how difficult is the Inca Trail? The answer is that some people find the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Difficulty, and others do just fine with it.

Is The Inca Trail Dangerous?

How Difficult is the Inca Trail?

Is the Inca Trail hard? The most straightforward answer to the Machu Picchu trek difficulty question is that it depends. People are afraid because they wonder, “is the Inca Trail hard?” There are some things to consider about this hike’s difficulty level. Several factors will determine just how challenging this hike was, including:

  • Fitness level
  • Experience hiking
  • The way that the guides run their tour
  • Weather

These are just a few of the factors that can impact how difficult people find the trip. The 4-day hike is an estimated 26 miles, which is often broken down so that people can enjoy more of the scenery as they take this hike and allow for plenty of rest in between hiking. The first day starts bright and early, typically hiking about 6.8 miles. The second day is often considered the most challenging day, where you hike for 7.5 miles and visit Dead Woman’s Pass. This area is where you come across the highest altitude on this trip, of about 13,000 feet. This second day is considered the highest due to the altitude, not because of the distance. The 3rd day is a hike of about 10 miles, and the 4th day is the shortest day consisting of 2.5 miles. Then you get to Machu Picchu and can take those magnificent pictures of the area.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Difficulty
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Difficulty.

What to Know About the Inca Trail

People sometimes find the Machu Picchu hike difficult, but this can be such an exceptional adventure. Is the Inca Trail hard? It can be for some people, but this is an adventure of a lifetime if you let it. This trip is so popular for people, whether they plan their trip around this hike or travel to the area and experience it. There are some essential things for you to know about this trip. First of all, you are required to have a guide when you hike this trail. You can opt for a single guide or splurge for an organized group where you can enjoy more luxuries, such as large tents and better food.

You also have to have a permit to take this hike. This rule limits the number of people who can make the trek, allowing visitors to have a more pleasant experience and protecting the local area. However, you should know that these permits need to be booked well in advance to ensure that you get to enjoy this hike.

Something that may surprise people when they take this hike is to experience several climates in one day. You can get pretty cold at night but deal with humidity during the hike. There are several different microclimates that you will encounter on this hike, so it’s essential to have layers of clothing that you can take on or off as needed. This gear includes having a waterproof coat in case of rain.

Tips for the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

You may or may not find the Machu Picchu hike difficult, but some things can make the Machu Picchu trek difficulty easier on you. Is the Inca Trail hard? People have a misconception about how difficult is the Inca Trail that makes them hesitant about taking the plunge. These are some tips that can help you make the most of your trip to have a more enjoyable experience. These tips include:

  • Doing exercises before your trip that can strengthen your legs, core, and lower body
  • Help acclimate yourself to the area’s high altitude by staying in Cusco for a day or two before your trip.
  • Make sure that you pace yourself so that you can better enjoy your trip.
  • Hiking boots can help make the hike easier on your ankles. These aren’t necessary, but they do help.
  • Hiking poles are also often recommended because they can make the hike easier on your knees.
  • Be sure to pack a light bag as you don’t want too much extra weight as you are hiking on this trail.


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