Ultimate Guide to Inca Trail Price: You Need to Know!

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Inca Trail Cost

If you want to estimate the Inca Trail Price, It depends on what you are seeking. You have to consider various things to get an exact figure of your Inca Trail hike cost. It includes the tour company that is providing you with the hike. You also have to consider the package that you are choosing. There are different packages, including a 4-day Inca Trail Tours, a 6-day package, a Short Inca Trail 2 Days, etc.

Inca Trail Cost Also depends on the fact whether you are hiring a guide or not. Each guide will ask for a different figure of money which is why you should look for the most affordable guide if you are running low on the budget.

It is easy to get a guide because most companies provide you with licensed Tour Leaders. You have to get a guide before going for the hike because there are different check posts on the way, and they ensure that you are traveling with a licensed travel Tour operator.

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Inca Trail Tours
Inca Trail To Machu Picchu

Everything You Need to Know About Inca Trail Price

We will discuss the general Inca Trail trek Cost. It will provide you with an idea of how much you have to spend while going for a hike on the Inca Trail.

If you want additional facility and comfort during your hiking experience, it will increase your Inca Trail hike cost. Learn more here: Everything you really need to know about the Inca Trail complete guide information

Local Inca Trail Company Prices

There are almost 5000 local companies that provide hiking experiences to people who want to survive the classic Inca Trail. If you are considered an average and local operator, you will have to get the Inca Trail trek Cost of US$800 at the lower end of your hiking.

However, for the upper end, you have to pay US$1,500. The amount of money you have to pay can fluctuate depending upon the quality of the operator, Company, and the trek that you are following.

There are private and open treks for which you have to pay a different figure of money. You have to consider all these details before signing up for an operator and Company. It would help if you also looked into the facilities, they are providing you so that your money can be worth spending.

Inka Trail Private Tour
Inca Trail Private Tour To To Machu Picchu

Cheap Inca Trail Prices Tour Operators

You can get cheap operators at the lower end who can charge less than US$400. It is a convenient option for most people, but you have to keep in mind that you will not get quality service. The cheap operators do not take responsibility for your hike.

It is also possible that you will not be provided with a licensed tour operator. If you are traveling on the Inca Trail, You should take care of your safety by hiring a quality tour company that is experienced with hiking tours in Peru.

To save money, do not risk your life because the inc trail is very steep. You will need the guidance of the operator as well as Quality Services to keep yourself safe and enjoy the most out of your hiking.

Affordable Operators

You will come across mid-range operators who will charge US$700-US$900 per person. You have to travel with a group of people, including 9 to 12 individuals in the same group.

Services You Should Look for

The operators will provide you with the facility of pick up from the hotel and drop you at the start of the track at the Sacred Valley. They will also take care of your entrance fee at the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.

If you want to climb to the peak of Huayna Picchu, You will have to pay an additional $15 to get the service from the operator.

Camping Equipment

They will provide you with camping equipment, including all types of accessories you will need for cooking and dining tents. Each camp will be for 2 people.

You have to share it with another trekker during your stay on the way. some companies include Portable Toilets because the bathroom Situation on the Inca Trail is considered bad.

Inca TrailMap
Map Of The Inca Trail 4 Days

Meals and Tour Guide

You will get three meals a day that will be cooked by a professional cook provided by the Company. You will also be provided with a licensed and professional guide who can speak English because most people cannot speak other languages, especially the local ones. 


You do not have to worry about carrying all your stuff because you will get porters who will carry your camping equipment, food items, oxygen cylinders, first aid, gas canister, etc. This way, you will be able to enjoy the view of the Inca Trail.

if you are interested in learning more about the Porters on The Inca Trail you can read the link here = Why The Inca Trail Porters are really important in Peru

Return Ticket For The Train

Sometimes we also provide you with a bus ticket from Machu Picchu to Aguas Calientes. However, most companies charge you an extra $24 for the bus ticket. You will get the return ticket for the train From Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo.

You can get to your hotel after that location. Some of the companies drop you at the hotel; however, in most cases, you have to get back to the hotel yourself.

Private Trekking With More Facilities

If you are seeking more facilities with private companies, you have to pay more for it. For example, most people want portable toilets to be carried along with them.

They want more facilities and Luxury Treks on the Inca Trail, which is why the Inca Trail trek Cost for private trekking companies comes to around $2000. You can get the same facilities at lower prices with the mid-range operators. You only have to look for the best companies who are providing you with the best services and convenience.

Do Your Research

It is recommended to do your research before going hiking because this way, you will get an idea about the Inca trail Price. Several companies are providing Inca Trail packages and facilities to trekkers.

It would help if you did your research on the companies and also contacted them to know their Inca Trail hike cost. It will enable you to choose the best company and complete your hike within an affordable budget along with all the facilities.


Inca Trail trek Price Depends on many factors. We have discussed the options that you can acquire.

You have to be a different amount of money to different companies and operators. It is recommended to do proper research and choose the best package along with the best Company.


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