How Long is the Inca Trail? What to Know Before Setting Out

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How Long is The classic 4-day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu? Where is located, how many miles per day do we hike? where is located? so many questions to answer and we will update here with important information.

The distance is not long enough however the path is very unpredictable. It takes mostly 4 days and 3 Nights to reach Machu Picchu. If you want to travel slowly and discover the place at your own pace, you can also select other packages provided by many companies in the locality.

You have to be well prepared before going for the height because there are many challenges you can face.

So we nightly recommend you read everything you need to know about the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu which includes important information about 2 days short Inca trail with a hotel.

“How long is the Inca Trail?” is a question that we are commonly asked. And, although it’s a difficult question to answer succinctly.

We’re more than happy to oblige curious trekkers planning their Peruvian adventures. In this post, we’ll do our best to sum up the important bits about this world-famous hike, including how long it takes and what you can expect along the way. Keep reading for all the details!

Lares Trek - 2 days Inca Trail
Short Inca Trail + Lares Trek To Machu Picchu

Inca Trail Distance & Altitude

We will discuss better later How Long Is the Inca Trail. You will also come to know about the length of the trial. The trial itself is not much longer.

The hike to Machu Pichu is not challenging, but it does require some preparation. The entire 4-day trek requires about 25 miles (40 km) of walking and can be done with little acclimation time if you start at high elevations or spend just two days there before beginning your journey down into South America’s sacred land.

Of course, this whole process will take longer depending on how strong an individual hiker might otherwise typically be – so expect around 40 hours of total travel time for various reasons!

Distance of the Inca trail

How long is the Inca trail in miles? the Inca Trail is 26 miles long, which means it is 42 kilometers. It is easy to climb for those people who have exceptional skills when it comes to hiking. The past is divided into Parts for the arrest by the companies and operators. You have to travel a specific distance per day within 4 days and 3 nights.

This will keep you motivated, and your stamina will be up to the mark. It requires time to get used to the environment and altitude, which is why you have to take the path At a slower pace. 

Scenic views

There are a lot of scenic places on the way which will keep you engaged. The beautiful scenery is breathtaking, which can satisfy your thirst for exploring nature. You can make the most out of the trail if you explore everything.

It is not allowed for tourists to use tripod cameras because it has led to many incidents that have cost people their lives. You have to be very careful on the trail because it is very steep at some point. 

Precautionary measures

The elevation is towards gravity at some points, and in others, it is against gravity. This means you have to go up and down because the path is not smooth.

It can be dangerous if it is raining due to the risk of landslides. You have to take precautions before going on an Inca Trail. The company will also provide you with a guard who will help you find your way and be safe. 

Tourism Authority

It is recommended to go for all safety precautions because the trial is located at an altitude. According to a policy that has been made by the tourist authorities after incidents it has been decided that only 40 people will travel at a time in one day.

Having a tourist is a must because there are many check posts on the way. They make sure that you are traveling safely, taking all the necessary precautions.

Inca Trail Itinerary

The Inca Trail is one of the most famous hikes in the world, and for good reason. This 4-day trek takes you through some of the most stunning scenery Peru has to offer, from high mountain passes and icy peaks to lush, tropical rainforests.

If you’re looking to experience some of the best that Peru has to offer, the Inca Trail is a must-do! But with so much to see and do on this iconic hike, how do you choose your perfect itinerary? Check out our guide for everything you need to know about hiking the Inca Trail!

The Inca Trail To Machu Picchu is Divided into 4 days:

There are many other options to visit Machu Picchu, But the Inca Trail is the most classic and beautiful way towards it. It is also a source of attraction for hikers and tourists because of the scenic locations on the way.

You will come across many natural and scenic places which cannot be accessible from other routes. The trial is divided into 4 days. We will talk about what you should expect within these four days to keep yourself ready.

First day

The first day of the trial will be very easy because the operators make sure your body adapts to the altitude and climatic changes. You do not have to travel a lot on the first day. They also check the stamina of each person traveling with the group.

On the very first day, you do not have to worry much about climbing. It would help if you only focused on the natural scenes and adapted your body to the environment. The path is mostly uphill. However, you only have to hike for 6-7 hours.  

Second day

The second day is quite challenging because the path becomes steep. Do not forget to drink water on the way because you can be dehydrated due to the absence of moisture in the air as well as intense climbing. It is recommended to take it slower at your own pace.

This way, you can save yourself from fatigue and also enjoy the natural beauty that is accessible to you. It is most likely that you will Hike across two passes consisting of 13,000 feet. It depends on the pace of your group and also the package that you have signed up for. As you keep on climbing, you will feel a sense of accomplishment which is unforgettable.

On the second day, you will also climb to the topmost point of the Inka Trail, which is the Dead Women’s Pass. It is one of those moments which you cannot forget easily because of the beautiful scenery you can see from the point. It is also the most heightened point of the whole trial, which is why people having acrophobia and lung conditions can feel uncomfortable.

You have to take oxygen along with you in case of sudden altitude sickness. You have to hike for 8-9 hours which makes the second day very exhausting. But you will also feel wonderful after traveling such a long distance.

Third day

The third day on the trail is unforgettable. The trial changes suddenly in a dramatic way. You will find yourself crossing within the Amazon, which is called a cloud forest. You will be inside a tropical forest, but it will still feel like you are above the clouds.

Well, you have to come across two beautiful Incan tunnels. There are certain ruins that you have to cross on your third day also including Winaywayna. On the third day, you have to travel for 5-6 hours. This is the day on which you can enjoy most of the scenic views. It would help if you asked your guide about each place and its details.  

Fourth day

The fourth day of the trial is unique. You have to wake up early on the 4th day to reach the Sun Gate. It will take you closer to Machu Picchu. If you start early, you can see the sun rising over Machu Picchu, filling it up with light.

The view will be breathtaking because pictures cannot do justice to what you can see with your own eyes. There are a lot of buses waiting for the tourists to take them on the exploration trip. You can also get a return train. The last day of the Hike is only 2 -3 hours.

The length of the trial is discussed in the above-mentioned text. You will also know what to expect each day of the trial. thanks for reading the HOW LONG IS THE CLASSIC INCA TRAIL blog post I am just sharing my experiences as a tour Leader in Cusco Peru hope will help you to understand and travel easily to Machu Picchu.

Inca Trail Hike
Dead woman Pass Elevation

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