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Has Anyone Died on The Inca Trail?

May 3, 2021 | 0 comments

Has Anyone Died on The Inca Trail? what do you think? of course, as a leader of your crew, you should know where are you going how risky would be to hike the 4 Days Inca Trail Tour.

This Classic Inca Trail hike is a hiking trip to Machu Picchu located in Peru. Many tourists and hikers use it for climbing and hiking to explore the beauty of Peru in 4 days. It is one of the most visited and famous treks; however, it comes with its own risk.

It has been reported that some people died on the Inca trail Because of the height and other weather conditions. The death rate is not much severe. However, several people died because of the extreme altitude and height of the trek.

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It is a tough trek that has casualties and risks at certain points. After crossing the mythical Cusco city, the Inca Trail Trek becomes dangerous, which is also called as Hike of the Death woman Pass at a specific point. It is the place where various people have lost their lives.

Analysis of all the reported deaths on the Inca trail

It is a dangerous hiking trek that is considered one of the most complicated hikes in the entire world. We will discuss the death report and accidents that happened on the Inca trail. The trek leads to the Huayna Picchu, Which is an impressive mountain. We will take a look at the hiking trek and the death reports that are known.

Height of the Inca trail to give you an idea:

It starts with a height of 2,600 meters. On the first day, you will experience a height of 3,300 meters as the Inca trail descends. On the second day, Inca Trail ascends at the height of 4,200 meters over Dead Woman’s pass. It is also the highest point in the whole trek which can also be dangerous for many people with acrophobia (vertigo). The hiking trail becomes normal as it descends to 2,600 meters.

Death Reports you Should Know About:

Only a few confirmed death reports of the people who died while climbing towards Huayna Picchu Mountain from the Inca Trail. However, it is visited by many people, which means the statistical ratio can be very high. Most of the people have not reported the missing bodies, which surely have been considered dead. You also have to keep in mind that the Hike is very scary and dangerous at certain points.

1.      German tourist

It has been reported that in July 2016, a German tourist died while taking a photo on the top of the mountain. He was climbing towards Huayna Picchu, and the trek was quite narrow at the place he was taking a photo. He couldn’t concentrate on the trek while taking the photo, which cost him his life. It is important to enjoy the treck and be careful about it. Tourists are often told to put their cameras down and only focus on the scenery and trek.

2.      American tourist

In 2013, an American tourist who was named Rachel Cecilia Lanni Died while climbing on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. she died because of falling into an abyss. He was 26 years old and a huge admirer of hiking.

3.      Werner Jobst Grimpen

In 2013 it was also reported that a German Tourist Werner Jobst Grimpen. He was an older adult who has a very keen interest in hiking. He died because of maintaining balance for taking a photograph.

It is a very dangerous and steep track, and most tourists have lost their lives because of taking photos. The tourism authority has taken notice of this, and nowadays, it is not allowed for the tourists to take photos while hiking on the treck.

CUSCO, Peru – A nearly week-long saga of pain and uncertainty came to a close as a German tourist who was traveling on the Inca Trail died in a Cusco hospital. original copy from Andina News more info on the link above

Andina news agency writes that the accident took place at approximately 10:30 am on Sunday, Dec. 22. 73-year-old Werner Jobst Grimpen fell from a precipice along the Inca Trail along with hiker Frank Sherrien Phillipp, a fellow German traveler of 27 years of age. Andina reports that that the two tourists fell after rocks near the Wiñayhuayna sector came loose and fell.

4.      British tourist

According to another report, a British tourist died because of altitude sickness. This Inca trail trek is considered one of the worst treks for people who are suffering from altitude sickness Cusco. It is also not recommended for people who have acrophobia. The British, to arrest, died because of a heart attack because of the altitude. It is not good for people to climb on the track who has heart and lung problems.

5.      Tourist guide

In 1998 a tour guide whose name was Luis died on the trek. However, his source of death has not been cleared. Most people say that it is because of weather conditions and the steep trek. Along with him, it is reported that a 70-year-old woman also died while climbing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

6.      Landscape worker

In 2015  a landscape worker died while working on the Inca Trail. He died because of falling. He couldn’t maintain his balance and slip.

7.      British Banker

In 2008 according to a report, a British banker died on the Inca trail. He was suffering from some health issues, and also because of the altitude Sickness on The Inca Trail, his death was reported to the authorities. It is said that he died in a very dubious condition.

8.      Israeli Tourist

 An Israeli tourist died on the trek near the zip lining. He was 24 years old. His death was also reported to the authorities; however, the body cannot be found. (this incident was in another tour named Inca Jungle we are putting on this report just to consider and prevent in any scenario touring in Peru )

Deaths due to landslide

In 2010 landslide happened on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. There was a lot of mud sliding reported, which trapped many tourists within the Aguas Calientes. Two people were reported to die on the Inca trail during the extreme landslide.

Surviving after a fall

In 2006 reports, a British millionairess Survived a fall of 6 40 feet on the Inca trail.

Things to know about the Inca trail

  • There are many myths that have link with the tracks; however, there are a few numbers of incidents that have reports of fall and deaths.
  • Only 400 tourists can go to Hike on the track who has already pre-booked for a day.
  • You need to take precautionary measures if you are going as a tourist also
  • People who are suffering from altitude sickness and health conditions are not allowed on the track.
  • You should not use cameras on the track because some of the people died while capturing photos. There is no permission for that.

Final Remarks:

Some of the deaths on the Inca trail are unfortunate. However, there are a lot of myths that come with the death rate on the trek, which cannot be a confirmed number.   So, we hope this article named Has Anyone Died on The Inca Trail? will give you an idea of the history of the Inca Trail.


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