Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas

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Chinchero Tour with Alpacas and Llamas + Airbnb call today and get an offer Toll-Free (888) 812 – 8687

Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas. You could just get a Hotel in Cusco on your next trip to Peru, or you could rent an Airbnb in Chinchero native Quechua Village and get your Chichero tour package that will give you the experience of a lifetime. When you usually go on a vacation, you are there to see sights. You want to see the beauty of the place to where you have traveled. Unfortunately, that’s sightseeing, not a vacation. A vacation should be more than about what you see; it should be about having an experience. At Chinchero Village, you will get a memorable experience that will cause people to be jealous of your vacation Tour in Peru.

Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas Tour
Take me far from the City Llamas and Alpacas

About Chinchero Walking Tour

Chinchero is a rustic town in Peru that can be found between Cusco and Urubamba. It’s right off the main road. Making it very easy for tourists to access, especially when you are already in the area of Cusco. Many people don’t even realize that this beautifully simple town exists, being more concerned about visiting some of the more popular tourist destinations in the area. The problem with that is you are missing out on this often overlooked village. Chinchero is more than just a place with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

One great draw of Chinchero is the stunning ancient Inca architecture of megalithic carved rocks and ruins. You will also find Peruvian weaving here, which is a world-famous trade, along with a bustling small market. The adobe church here is also a well-loved sight to see.

Hike With Alpacas in Chichero
Hike with Us

Let’s take a look at some of the adventures that you can have in Chinchero :

Visiting the Ruins

When you go to a historic location like Peru, you have to check out the ancient ruins left behind by the Inca civilization. This particular location was believed to be the country estate of Inca Tupac Yupanqui, who was the son of Pachacutec. That led to there being various constructions in this area. Including terraces and aqueducts—some of which are still in use today. There is also much fertile land in this town, where many plants still farming nowadays, such as fava beans, quinoa, and potatoes. This historical place is one that you need to see when visiting Chinchero.

Chinchero Peru

Colonial Chinchero Church

Also, in this village is the colonial church that was built on top of what was once an Incan palace. This Catholic church was built sometime around 1607 by the Spanish who occupied this location. Made of adobe, you get the classical architecture of the period that has been painted to combine the Catholic and traditional influences of the area. Check Out a Weaving Demonstration.
This town is the center of Peruvian weaving, which is a renowned artist in the area. Local women offer demonstrations on how to create these beautiful pieces, including how they create those awe-inspiring colors.

Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas Market

The market may be smaller than others in the area, but that doesn’t take away from this colorful experience. You can buy great produce, crafts, and textiles here. But it’s also just amazing to watch the locals barter and haggle prices down as well.

Chincheros Market Cusco – Peru

The Alpaca Nature Walk Tours in Chinchero

All this sounds great, but what if there was a unique way to take in this experience? Alpacas and llamas are native to the area, which makes them perfect guides to accompany you as you travel around Chinchero. Hike alongside these majestic animals as you tour the picturesque setting in Chinchero. These amiable and fluffy animals can make this adventure even better for everyone on the tour. You could have people walking alongside you, but alpacas and llamas make everything seem fun, and they are cute.

Why This Airbnb Option Is the Perfect Choice Chinchero – Cusco?

Reynaldo Levita, the Pioneer of Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas tour and owner of this Airbnb. Was born and raised in this beautiful town. His passion is to share his culture with people from many other countries so that they can better appreciate the Peruvian way. He wants to offer a luxurious and unique experience for every tourist that visits his Airbnb. Reynaldo not only speaks English and Spanish, but he can also speak the native tongue of the ancient Incan civilization (Quechua). Whether you want a traditional vacation or one full of more adventure, Reynaldo knows the best way to appreciate this town that he loves so dearly.

Chinchero Nature Walk With Llamas And Alpacas Tour
Avoid the crowd of tourist and enjoy Nature

Book your tour In Chinchero

When you book your trip with Reynaldo, what you are getting is an adventure that you won’t soon forget. You can go hiking with llamas and alpacas, touring this picturesque valley while taking in all there is to see. You can visit the local community. The hub of activity that allows you to have a genuinely immersive experience while you are here. The locals can teach you all about the medicinal plants around the town and you can visit some of the bluest and clearest lagoons you have ever seen.

Visit Machu Picchu

If that wasn’t good enough, you could learn all about alpacas and llamas as well as about their use as a pack animals. You can walk through the stunning native forests and visit the gorgeous ruins of ancient civilizations. After you have seen everything, you can enjoy a delicious picnic with an absolutely beautiful view of the famed Andes mountains. There is so much to experience here in Chinchero and Reynaldo wants to make sure that you get the full Peruvian experience.

You’ve seen typical trips, but you don’t want a regular trip. You want experience. Why else would you go to a place with such a rich and historic culture? Instead of settling for the ordinary Peruvian adventure, enjoy this unique and luxurious experience.


Reynaldo wants to make sure that visitors have an experience that they can brag home about. Peru has so much to offer, especially in the picturesque location of Chinchero. Before you plan your next vacation, check out this Airbnb experience that promises to be unlike any other holiday that you have experienced. Read about this Airbnb to see precisely why this is the perfect adventure next time you head to Peru.

Llama selfie

Some questions About Llamas and Alpacas in Peru

You will become very familiar with the Llamas and alpacas and learn how Incas just packed hundred years ago also we have an initial Project mission, meet members of the Local Guilds of Llama Breeders and learn their lifestyle of the llamas in the traditional Peruvian Andes. you’ll learn all about this noble, native eco-friendly animal. You will be hosted by members of the Local Owners of these magnificent alpacas and Llama Breeders and an English/Spanish-speaking interpreter
who will present to the group?

After that, you will be asked to assist in the packing activity led by your local tour guide. Then you will leave the base camp from Chinchero and start a 1-hour walk uphill at a slow pace through a zig-zag trail walking behind the llamas and alpacas unique and original Tour in Peru, with the assistance of your local hosts until you will reach the designated spot where you will enjoy an outdoor picnic while you can learn day life activities of locals, relax and enjoy the panoramic views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the fresh air. After this nice rest, you will head back with the llamas to the base camp where the visit ends.

What is the difference between llamas and alpacas?

It’s easy to confuse llamas and alpacas (and their cousins, vicuñas), but there are a few key differences.
You can distinguish an alpaca from a llama by its pointier ears, fuzzier face, and smaller size.
Bonus fact: Alpacas, llamas, and vicuñas are all related to camels.

Can You Ride a Llama? ….

Trekking with llamas is becoming more and more popular.
Just Google “Hike with llamas and alpacas” and you will see why we offer these tours in Peru you’ll find llama outfitters in Cuso Chinchero, Sacred Valley, and even Cusco City (Llama selfie) offering a variety of treks around Machu Picchu.
Of course, Peru is the home of the original llama trekkers—the Incan Camels.

Can we eat Alpaca and Llama and Meet in Peru?

Alpaca Meat
Although alpaca is not widely sold, it is very popular in Cusco and Puno.
Recommended for its low-fat content, it can be used in Presque -a dish of quinoa, cheese, and eggs popular in Puno, Peru– served fried, or in a good roast.
Llama Meat
In the Andean plateau, llama meat is usually preserved by drying it in the sun. To this day it is an important source of protein.
You should also try it with ulluco (a root vegetable), as charqui (jerky), or with rice, a nourishing daily classic.


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