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Hike a less crowded trails in the Andes of Ausangate Trails in Peru

Explore Ausangate Trail With Tour Leaders

 Ausangate Hiking Tours  From 2 to 16 Days Hiking Tours

Ausangate Trek Tours in Peru is a remote and challenging trek in the Vilcanota Mountain range that features spectacular scenes of soaring mountains, picturesque villages, and lakes, it is a less crowded Trail also you can include rainbow mountain Tours or day trip from Cusco in Your Itinerary.

While the Inca Trail is crowded and typically booked far in advance, this trek is a flexible and adventurous way to explore the Andean landscapes around Cusco.

We offer different tour circuits in Ausangate Trek, with tour durations ranging from two to sixteen days. The top tour categories in Ausangate Trek are trekking, sightseeing natural landmarks, and exploring cultural, religious, and historic sites. Out of the nine trips in Ausangate Trek, three are private tours and six are group tours. Our Ausangate Trek tours are offered by qualified and hand-picked local Tour guides, with each trip coming with a best-price guarantee and no added hidden fees.

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Ausangate trek 4 Days

Ausangate Trail Tour to Rainbow Mountain 4 Days 

The typical Ausangate trek begins at the start of the Vilcanota mountain range and covers around 70km in a loop around Ausangate. This trek typically takes 5 days and 4 nights of moderately challenging hiking. However, for those with limited time, there is an option to complete the traditional loop in just 4 days.
the Inca Trail Peru
Rainbow Mountain and Red Valley 1 Day – Private Service
The Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain is one of the most magnificent attractions in all of Peru and is Part Ausangate Trek Tours full day.

This geological wonder is truly captivating, with its mesmerizing rows of golden and turquoise sediments that create a stunning pattern high up on an Andean mountainside. It’s located about three hours southeast of downtown Cusco and can only be accessed by foot, but the full-day journey is definitely worth it!

Day Tour From Cusco

When it comes to exploring Cusco, many tour operators offer similar attractions. However, if you choose to join or book with us, you’ll have the chance to discover new Andean paths and embark on an exciting adventure. Our full-day excursion to the 7 lagoons of Ausangate Trek is a must-see, boasting breathtaking scenery, majestic mountains, and stunning colored lagoons in shades of turquoise, blue, green, and even reddish hues. Not only that, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn about the unique Andean flora and fauna, including Alpacas, Vizcachas, and Cóndors. Come experience the beauty of Cusco like never before with us.

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If you’re looking for a personalized hiking trip, our team of Peru Travel Designers can assist you. We cater to families, groups, solo travelers, and honeymooners, offering unforgettable experiences that exceed your expectations.

Ausangate HightLight

The Ausangate Trek in Peru offers a multitude of highlights that showcase the stunning natural beauty and cultural richness of the region. Here are some of the key highlights of the Ausangate Trek:

Ausangate Mountain:

  • The towering Ausangate Mountain is the centerpiece of the trek, standing at an impressive elevation of 6,384 meters (20,945 feet).
  • The mountain’s snow-capped peaks, rugged cliffs, and glacial formations provide a breathtaking backdrop throughout the trek.
  • Witnessing the sunrise or sunset casting a golden glow on Ausangate is a truly magical experience.

Rainbow Mountain (Vinicunca):

  • Ausangate region is home to the famous Rainbow Mountain, known for its vibrant and multicolored striped formations.
  • Trekking to Rainbow Mountain offers a surreal and otherworldly experience, as you hike amidst the colorful mineral deposits and geological wonders.
  • Standing at the viewpoint, you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the vibrant mountain landscape.

Pristine Glacial Lakes:

  • Ausangate Trek takes you past numerous glacial lakes with mesmerizing hues of turquoise and deep blue.
  • These pristine lakes, such as Lake Ausangatecocha and Lake Jatuncocha, are nestled among the mountains, creating a tranquil and picturesque setting.
  • Take a moment to rest and absorb the serene beauty of these high-altitude lakes.

Unique Wildlife and Flora:

  • The Ausangate region is home to a diverse range of wildlife and flora, adapted to the harsh mountain environment.
  • Keep an eye out for Andean camelids like alpacas, llamas, and vicuñas grazing on the high-altitude grasslands.
  • You may also spot soaring Andean condors, hummingbirds, and other bird species in the area.

Traditional Andean Villages:

  • Ausangate Trek offers opportunities to visit and interact with traditional Andean communities along the way.
  • Experience the local culture, witness their way of life, and learn about ancient traditions and rituals that have been preserved for centuries.
  • Engaging with the locals provides a deeper understanding of the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Remote and Pristine Landscapes:

  • Ausangate Trekking Tour takes you through remote and untouched landscapes, far from the tourist crowds.
  • Trekking along pristine valleys, traversing mountain passes, and crossing vast grasslands, you’ll feel a sense of awe and solitude in the unspoiled nature surrounding you.


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