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Peru is one of the most stunning locations on the planet. From the breathtaking splendor of craggy mountains to the postcard perfection of our beaches – the scenic backdrop makes for some of the best hiking tours in the world. We already know this, of course, and that’s why we formed the Tour Leaders Peru Travel Guide; to give other people a glimpse into Peruvian culture, preserve our Incan heritage, and share the beauty of our fabled land with the globe.

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Tours of Peru were already a regular thing when we began our Peru adventures – but we wanted to go a step further. We didn’t just want to show tourists around Peru. We wanted them to engage with the culture, learn about the local wildlife, the history and relevance of each place – and perhaps most importantly of all, we wanted to create a tour group in Peru that would help preserve our natural areas and create a cycle of “giving back” within our community.

As natural-born Peruvians and descendants of the Inca tribe themselves, it is incredibly important to us that our traditional ways of life be preserved, even as we welcome the new diverse cultural values arising in our modern world. Our history needs to be kept, the stories of our Ancestors need to be heeded, and the ecology of our country saved from further environmental destruction. We didn’t just want to form a tour company in Peru. We tried to create a tour company for Peru.

A short while later Tour Leaders Peru Adventure was born, and we have spent every working moment focused on our goals. We take travelers on some of the best Peru adventures that exist. We access the mountain trails we call home and show them the bare bones of Peru. We don’t just sell Peru tours – we sell the Peruvian experience.

Perhaps best of all is that every dollar spent on our idyllic Peruvian tours goes back into our country, back into our communities, and back into the preservation of our beautifully natural land. From the protection of Macchu Picchu to the enrichment of our forests; you could be having the adventure of a lifetime while helping to support Peru itself, and that is something incredible.

Will you take the first step towards the adventure of a lifetime by joining us on a Tour Leaders Peru Adventure tour?

“We didn’t just want to form a tour company in Peru. We tried to create a tour company for Peru.”

Tour Leaders Peru: Holding Ourselves to the Highest Standards

We operate one of the most experienced, professional tour group experiences in Peru. We create a truly unique adventure, allowing you to take in our dramatic scenery and rolling landscapes with the safety of a fully experienced, fully trained, and fully passionate tour leader. While you travel with Tour Leaders Peru Adventure, you can consider yourself to be in truly safe hands.

Not only are our local guides experienced in hiking and fully skilled at navigating their areas

But they are also members of the local community. They are people who have lived here their whole lives, who have trekked the trails of Peru and and other Countries a thousand, thousand times. They are people descended from Inca bloodlines, who know all the old tales of our ancestors and who can tell you the history of the land you choose to see. Our Peru tour guides are eager and willing to share these stories with you, so you can feel that you were there.

When you take a Peru tour with TLPA, you embark on a modern-day adventure… However, you also help us preserve one of the most ancient ways of life in the known world.





TLP and Socially Responsible Ecotourism

Our goal is to promote responsible Ecotourism at all times. Supporting responsible Ecotourism means, we maintain the natural flora and fauna of the region and pay it the same respect that our ancestors did. Our two main priorities are ensuring your Peru vacation is an enthralling, exciting, and pleasing experience; while simultaneously improving the lives of our contributors and of the indigenous people that can be found living in the Highland areas around Cusco.

We have plans and projects in action to create sustainable tourism that benefits everyone involved. We think tourism and traditional life can thrive hand-in-hand in an ecologically responsible way. After all; without the wonder of Peru’s natural areas, there would be no need to tour it! We are working hard to ensure a more socially responsible way of working, and we hope you will join us in this new Peru experience.

Our Primary Value Is to Create Journeys Worth Taking

On our tours of Peru, you will always come first! While our lands, heritage, and culture are there to be shared with everyone, it is only a specially chosen few that will experience Peru in a way that we can show you. Tours are fully customizable, fully tailored to meet your needs, and are carried out to your specifications right down to the very smallest detail. When you travel with us, your Peru vacation will be relaxed, and engaging, and will happen at a pace that suits you. It is your holiday, after all!

As well as creating memorable guided tours of our native Peru, our firm also has other important goals to make our tours of Peru bespoke.

Tour Leaders Peru Adventures Mission and Goals!

Our Mission

We want to create an environmentally sustainable Ecotourism platform in Peru where adventurers and explorers, hikers, and travelers can come to enjoy a unique Peru experience that fully immerses them in the culture of our people, the natural beauty of our land, and the traditions and values of sustainability.

We invite you to join us. You can view our full range of environmentally sustainable tours by following this link.

Our Goals

To achieve our mission statement, we employ several goals, all of which are focused on making your Peru trip the adventure of a lifetime:

  • To benefit the local community by enacting socially responsible sustainability programs for the betterment of Peru as a cultural and ecological environment.
  • To cater to our client’s every need, whether they are with us for one of our day trips or whether they are engaging on a week-long hike into the fabulous Peruvian mountains.
  • To create unique, engaging tours that saturate our customers in our culture, heritage, and history.
  • To ensure the health and safety of our group members, clients, tour guides, and other associates at all times while they are in our care.
  • To lead with passion by only hiring those who are as enthusiastic about our proud Inca heritage as we are!
  • To provide fantastic tour products whether you are with us on a package tour of Peru or whether you are on a day trip to Macchu Picchu.

We work hard to keep these core values to heart throughout every tour. Go with a group or go alone – but whatever you do: go to Peru with Tour Leaders Peru Adventures!

Tour Leaders Peru is Fully Licensed and Certified to Make Your Peru Trip Unforgettable!

We are based in Cusco, Peru, giving us access to whole mountain ranges, Macchu Picchu tours, and even proximity with the local indigenous people who still live in the Highlands – and can be seen when you trek the Highland trails of Peru. These are the people, and this is the way of life, that TLPA was started to protect and maintain – and when you travel with us, you are in the very heart of the story.

Our Guarantee

The purpose of Tour Leaders Peru Adventure is to create enthralling guided tours throughout the heart of our homeland that are fulfilling for both clients, and the natives themselves. We guarantee that traveling with us will be one of the most rewarding, memorable, and spiritually invigorating things you ever choose to do.

No matter how you choose to tour Peru you are always guaranteed to see some beautiful things, but if you travel with Tour Leaders Peru Adventure, you will have an immersive experience that will create memories enough to last a lifetime. Dare you book today?

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